Jared Anderson: “I’m The Best Heavyweight In The World!”

By James Slater - 04/09/2023 - Comments

Jared Anderson may not be the best heavyweight in the world, but it’s tough to argue for any other fighter when it comes to who the best young, unbeaten heavyweight contender is right now (Anderson has now firmly passed “prospect” status). Last night, on the card that was headlined by the quite brilliant display from Shakur Stevenson against Shuichiro Yoshino, Anderson stopped the previously unbeaten George Arias in three rounds.

Now 14-0(14), with only four of his pro fights going longer than two rounds, the 23 year old from Toledo, Ohio again showed his power, speed and accuracy. More impressive than that, “The Real Big Baby” again showed his sheer aggression, his rage in the ring. The heavyweight division’s angry young man, Anderson wants a knockout every time he steps into the ring and so far he has got what he wants.

Against Arias, now 18-1(7), Anderson scored with shots that left his opponent not knowing where he was. This was in the third round and, after he made it back to his corner, Arias was pulled out by his corner; his team not allowing him out for round four.

After his latest, arguably biggest win, Anderson had plenty to say:

“I’m different,” Anderson said to ESPN. “I’m nice. I’m the best heavyweight in the world. I don’t give a f*** what nobody is talking about. You hear me? I made that look easy, man, because he helped me make it look easy. He wasn’t throwing punches for real. I kept my defence tight. My jab was on point. It was an easy night. I want those top names. I want those top contenders. Everybody who keeps calling people out, put my name on the list. I’m not ducking. I’m not running. And you going to catch this smoke.”

One of the things some people have been critical about towards Anderson is his less than airtight defence, yet last night he did look to pay more attention to this side of his game. Capable of switch-hitting, Anderson seems to have a heck of a lot to offer. It seems time for Anderson to get in there with a legit top-10 guy now. Scheduled to make a quick return – Anderson will headline a card in his home town on Toledo, this on July 1, against TBA – Anderson has firmly put all the heavyweight contenders on notice. There are a ton of potentially exciting fights out there for Anderson, but will his rival heavyweights be terribly keen on facing him?

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