James Toney vs Jeremy Williams Live on FITE TV on October 23

Brace yourself for yet another celebrity boxing match/exhibition/curiosity bout – call it what you will. James Toney, now aged 53, will face former heavyweight contender Jeremy Williams, aged 49, on October 23 via Zab Judah’s Celebrity Boxing Championship. The bout will take place in the Virgin Islands and will go out on Fite TV.

Toney, a born fighter who seems to know nothing else to do but fight (or attempt to carry on fighting, this when a million years past his best) was destined to get in on the current craze of celebrity boxing/big-name exhibitions. Last seen having a real fight back in May of 2017, when Toney apparently signed off with a stoppage win over Mike Sheppard to improve to a quite astonishing 77-10-3(47), “Lights Out” has since called for an exhibition bout with Mike Tyson.

James Toney, Jeremy Williams - Boxing News

Instead, Toney gets Williams, 43-5-1(35). Williams, a fine amateur back in the day, fought a number of high-profile fights in the 1990’s – with “Half-Man, Half-Amazing” going in with the likes of Larry Donald, Bert Cooper, Jesse Ferguson, Henry Akinwande, Maurice Harris, Al Cole, and Samuel Peter (who scored a truly chilling KO win over Williams in 2004.) Williams last boxed back in 2013, when he picked up a DQ win over Travis Fulton.

It remains to be announced how many rounds Toney-Williams will be set for, and the size of gloves, the wearing or not wearing of head-gear, etc. What also remains to be seen is this: what kind of shape will Toney be in come October 23 (this the month Riddick Bowe is scheduled to appear in a celebrity bout of his own)? Williams has never been the type to balloon in weight the way Toney has done, so he at least should be in decent physical condition on the night.

But where, you may ask, will these big-name exhibition bouts end? Heck, they make money, they attract attention (and yes, I am writing about it!) and as long as no-one gets hurt, there is no real problem. Or perhaps you disagree. Will YOU be tuning into Fite TV for this one?