$20 PPV Fee For Razor Ruddock Vs. James Toney “Rumble in The Sun”

By James Slater - 10/14/2023 - Comments

If you have, from time to time, had a good moan about the number of pay-per-view offerings that are out there these days, chances are pretty high you will scream some about the price tag that is attached to the November 11 exhibition (let’s call it a special attraction) between veterans James Toney, aged 55, and Donovan “Razor” Ruddock, aged 59.

Yes, the two men who helped make the 1990s such a great and exciting decade for our beloved sport, will tango in Jamaica next month, the heavyweight bout to go out live on FITE, the presentation given to us by the good folks at Triller.

$20 PPV Fee For Razor Ruddock Vs. James Toney “Rumble in The Sun”

Tremble you might at what could happen when the two former stars (Toney a no-doubt-about-it all-time great, Ruddock ultimately falling short, Razor never managing to win even a slice of the pie in heavyweight division he at one time looked set to overwhelm) get in there? Let’s hope these two remember to pull their punches.

The fight, if you wish to call it that, IS for a good cause, with Ruddock’s former school to be handed over some of the proceeds the event manages to pull in. 20 bucks is not that expensive, yet for a potential car crash, what price would be too much? Maybe the majority of fans will pull their heads firmly away from this one?

Razor and “Lights out” are both great guys, good people who have given a whole lot to their sport. As such, it would be bad seeing the two get embarrassed, while it would be even worse seeing either guy get badly hurt. Both things are possible here.

And then there’s the physical shape of the two men to consider. We’ve all seen Toney show up in poor condition, overweight even when he was still fighting for real. Razor, judging by the promos attached to the November 11 bout, has been in the gym, his tall frame looking slim and healthy. Maybe, just maybe, Toney and Ruddock will put on a decent show next month, with some charity cash raised and both guys going home safe and sound.

Will YOU be buying this fight?