Jake Paul Invites Donald Trump To Be Ringside For Tyson Fight

By James Slater - 04/11/2024 - Comments

Say what you want about Jake Paul, and while you’re at it, say what you like about Paul’s upcoming fight with living legend Mike Tyson. But you have to admit that Paul knows what the heck he’s doing when it comes to hyping up and publicising a fight, an event. The Tyson Vs. Paul fight (and Tyson’s name has to go first, come on!) is still weeks away, but Paul has really gone into overdrive hyping the fight up this week.

From stating how Tyson will not be able to bite his ear in the fight “if I knock all his teeth out.” To saying to Fox News that he and Tyson want the fight to be “full face” and “an all-out war.” To Paul inviting former (and possibly future) president Donald Trump to attend the fight at ringside.

“Mike and I want this to be a pro fight, full face shots. We’re submitting that request to the commission,” Paul said to Fox News. “It’s an all-out war. And Trump, if you are watching this, this is an invite. I know you used to promote Tyson, so I’d love to have you at the fight. Vivek came to my other fight. And, of course, the silver fox, Barron Trump. So, Donny, pull up, we’ve got tickets for you.”

The cheek of Paul here! Who knows if Trump will take Paul up on his offer. Who knows if the Tyson-Paul fight will really be “full face” and “an all-out war?” We have still to here the official rules from the Texas Commission.

Paul says he thinks Tyson is “underestimating” him and his boxing ability.

“Man, I think he’s underestimating me,” he said. “I truly….I truly think that. And it’s a heavyweight fight, so you know, he’s the bigger man. But I’m the faster man. He’s the much stronger man, but I’m fresh. He’s experienced. I’m smart but up in the ring he may be smarter, so it’s a really interesting matchup.”

This fight has attracted a ton of interest, and the way Paul is going, it will attract a whole lot more interest and attention as fight night approaches.