Otto Wallin wants Dillian Whyte to prove his injury with independent doctor

Otto Wallin says he wants Dillian Whyte to be examined by an independent doctor to verify his shoulder injury.

WBC interim heavyweight champion Whyte (28-2, 19 KOs) pulled out of his scheduled October 30th fight with Wallin (22-1, 14 KOs) earlier this week due to a shoulder injury.

Wallin states that he’s not been told anything about Whyte’s injury, and Dillian’s doctor has said nothing. He says Whyte has the right to pull out of the fight due to injury, but he’s got to prove that he’s hurt.

Many boxing fans believe that Whyte, 33, is faking his injury and that he chose to pull out after learning about the World Boxing Council ruling that the interim champion can challenge WBC champion, Tyson Fury next if he doesn’t set up a unification match with IBF/WBA/WBO champion Oleksandr Usyk.

Anthony Joshua has triggered his rematch clause for his fight with Usyk, so Ukrainian will not be fighting Fury next, which means that Fury must defend against Whyte next.

Wallin wants Whyte to prove his injury

“We don’t know anything about the injury. We haven’t heard from the doctor,” said Otto Wallin to Secondsout about Whyte’s injury. “They have the right to withdraw from the fight if he’s injured, but they’ve got to prove the injury.

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“If they can’t do that, then the fight should be rescheduled, and that’s what we’re working on,” said Wallin. “I think, either way, the fight should be rescheduled.

“I’ve been training for the fight. It’s a huge opportunity for me, and it’s a good fight for him also. The winner gets to fight Tyson Fury. I feel like they should do the right thing, but they seem very unwilling to accommodate us for anything right now.

“We’ve talked to the WBC already,” said Wallin about him wanting the Whyte fight to be rescheduled.

“We sent them a request to have an independent doctor look at it because we want to find out about this injury. Like I said, no information has been given to us. It’s hard to know bout this injury if it’s real or not.

“We need to have an independent doctor look at it so that we can all know, and then everything will be fine,” Wallin said of Whyte. “The most responsive has been the British Board.

“We’re hoping for them to make the right call because Matchroom, they haven’t really done anything at all,” said Wallin.

It’s going to be interesting to see if Whyte does prove that he’s injured because he might not. If Whyte doesn’t, we’ll see what Wallin’s next move will be.

Wallin would like Whyte to agree to reschedule the fight, but his promoter Eddie Hearn repeatedly said on Friday that Dillian would likely be facing Fury next.

Hearn said it’s possible they could reschedule the fight with Wallin, but he also noted that Dillian would likely be facing Fury next.

Otto says it’s suspicious 

“He’s been given a lot of credit for fighting tough guys, and now he’s got to be true to his word,” said Wallin of Dillian. “We had a contract in place. The way before I’m about to head out, they come up with this. Let us know what’s going on, and we’ll reschedule the fight.

“There are a lot of rumors floating around. It’s suspicious, that’s all I can say,” said Wallin about the timing of Whyte pulling out of their fight shortly after the WBC ruled that the interim champion can face Tyson Fury next.

“I can’t say if the rumors or true or not. All I can do is wait and see and hope they do the right thing. I feel the right thing would be for an independent doctor to look at it and make sure the injury is as severe as it is, and then we’ll reschedule the fight.

“Also, we haven’t even heard from his doctor,” Wallin said about Whyte’s doctor not having said anything. “That should be a logical thing that we hear from his doctor. They should release the MRI and let us see it.

“That’s wrong,” said Wallin in commenting on a hypothetical situation where Whyte could say that he no longer wants the fight and he would prefer to wait for his mandated title shot against Tyson Fury next year. “We had a contract in place. I’m the type of guy that takes contracts very seriously.

“When you agree to fight, you fight. I’m hoping they do the right thing and come through and show some integrity for us and for the sport. Stuff like this makes the sport look bad,” Wallin said.

The fans think it’s suspicious that Whyte would pull out right now, given that the WBC’s ruling about the interim champion to face Fury next.

If there were no chance for Whyte to gain anything from pulling out, boxing fans wouldn’t be making a big deal about this. Whyte has everything to gain.

Wallin says he wasn’t offered to stay on the Oct.30th card

“No efforts at all right there,” said Wallin when asked if Matchroom has made any efforts to keep him on the October 30th card.

“Yeah, for sure,” said Wallin when asked if he’d be open to fighting. “I want to stay busy. I haven’t fought since February.

“I would guess that we’ve spent $20,000 on this fight for sparring partners, hotels, flights. It’s not that cheap to be in New York City.

“Honor the initial contract,” said Wallin in sending a message to Whyte and Matchroom.

“We had a fight in place. Please give us some more information about the injury because we’ve gotten none and have an independent doctor look at him [Whyte]. Make the right thing here,” said Wallin.

In an interview with iFL TV, Hearn said that he offered Wallin’s management to stay on the October 30th and face Alen Babic, and they weren’t interested. Is it possible that Wallin wasn’t told about Hearn’s offer for him to fight Babic?

Wallin should agree to fight Babic because that’s an excellent fight that he’ll likely win easily.  Babic is just a basic ham & egger type of tiny heavyweight, and Wallin would be much too big, too experienced, and too technical for Babic. That’s an easy money fight for Wallin.

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  1. It sounds like something Dillian would pull. He’s constantly calling out other fighters about his suspicions. I think he’s making his injury up.

  2. Pinhead white&Hearn should provide
    the medical documentation to Wallin.
    I understand that injury’s happen it’s
    the nature of the sport “ But also its
    Never seemed right that in this case
    Wallins team stand to loose a lot of
    Money&time on sparing camps etc…
    To me would be fair if the opposition
    Was to fully compensate in this case
    Wallins team.

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