Eddie Hearn says Dillian Whyte probably fighting Tyson Fury next

Eddie Hearn has let the cat out of the bag by saying that the injured Dillian Whyte will likely face WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury next rather than rescheduling with Otto Wallin.

Hearn states that while there is a possibility that interim WBC heavyweight champion Whyte (28-2, 19 KOs) will reschedule with Wallin (22-1, 14 KOs), he expects Dillian to challenge Fury next as his mandatory challenger.

Many boxing fans are highly suspicious about Whyte’s shoulder injury that popped out of the blue this week, causing him to pull out of his October 30th fight against Wallin at the O2 Arena in London, England.

Fans believe that Whyte ISN’T injured and that this is just a ploy for him to avoid a potential loss, which would sink his chances of challenging Fury for a mountain of money.

The pot of gold that Whyte will get fighting Fury is leagues above what he’ll get fighting Wallin in a highly risky fight.

Hearn expects Fury to be next for Whyte

“I would think Dillian Whyte’s next fight will be Tyson Fury, but we’ll have to see. I’m not ruling out the Otto Wallin fight, that’s a fight that’s at our discretion to reschedule. Dillian should be back early next year, hopefully against Tyson Fury,” said Eddie Hearn to iFL TV.

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So there it is. Whyte is likely to fight Fury next, not Wallin. This makes Whyte look really bad in the eyes of the boxing public if he doesn’t reschedule the fight with Wallin, as it gives the appearance that he’s afraid of him. Moreover, we don’t know if Whyte was ever serious about fighting Wallin at this point.

Interestingly, Hearn didn’t mention anything about Whyte’s MRI scenes. Fans want to see the MRI scans on Whyte’s injured shoulder so that they can verify if the injury actually exists. It would have been nice if Hearn brought them along for the interview today.

Poor Wallin. You got to feel sorry for that guy. He thought he was about to beat Whyte and earn the chance to fight Fury for life-changing money. Instead, Wallin is left high and dry with no Whyte, and not even a lower-level match against Alen Babic.

I mean, the least Hearn could do is plug Wallin in as the opponent for Babic on the October 30th card. It’s pretty obvious why Hearn isn’t using Wallin as the opponent for the inexperienced, undersized Babic (8-0, 8 KOs).

Throwing Babic in the ring with the big 6’6″ Wallin would be like feeding a giant T-Rex some nice tasty lamb chops. Babic likely wouldn’t stand a chance against Wallin, and that would wreck things with him being the next David Allen.


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  1. The other guy is a cheater who cheats, fury has always cheated, once a crackhead cheater always a crack head cheater.

  2. Terrible cheating, no wonder the British boxing board of control caught him so many times cheating before. They should call him the gypsy cheater for cheating. Cheating is what the cheater does. A cheater cheats.

  3. Eddie Hearn is at it again. First a massive advertising campaign for Anthony Joshua and fury. Carnival barker crowing from the rooftops.

  4. You top ranked heavyweights have been fuddy duddy g around for so.long you’re all baldheaded potbellied no athleticism and drug abusers of steroids. You messed up your chances at greatness. All you do is cheat, lie, talk smack and avoid fights. If any of you would let your hair grow, you would look like bozo the clown.

  5. You really believe fury’s the legitimate champion? Nobody’s that stupid. Metal loaded gloves padding repositioning advantage floppy gloves flopping around all over the place camera’s rolling bribed judges and referee’s spiked water holding neck wrenching tripping rabbit punching and eggweight loaded gloves steroids cocaine crank and you let him slide. That guy is a fraud. He isn’t fighting anyone else until the WBC president Maricio Suliaman forces him to and that will be a very long time. And then he may vacate the belt.

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