It’s not What You Think, It’s What You Feel That’s Important!

It goes like this….. You think a particular fighter will win a fight, because he is superior in several categories. He moves well, is quick on his feet with good balance. He’s technically sound. He blocks, parries, slips and ducks, countering effectively off his opponent’s misses. He’s got a solid punch, and throws combinations, both to the head and body with precision and accuracy. He’s always in shape.

So, what more can you ask? The result is you act in one of two ways: The first way, and easiest one, is to agree with the smart money and say this guy holds all the cards, and this underdog couldn’t hit him with a handful of buckshot. But, you find it distasteful to do so. You think the favorite is a motor mouth, and isn’t deserving of all the accolades bestowed on him. In fact, it kind of grates on your last nerve, as the saying goes.

That’s when you choose the second way, which is the foolish one. It occurs when your emotions and your heart take over. You start trying to justify choosing the less talented fighter. When you go down that road, it involves creating a few nonsensical statements about what the other guy can do. I think they call em “whoppers”. Or, you might claim your guy’s old man can beat the other guy’s old man. (If that were only true when it came to Angel Garcia!) The sad truth is going the second way doesn’t have much to do with loyalty either. The fact is you might not even like the under- dog much, but you intensely dislike the favorite.

I’ve heard stories about the good old days when mothers occasionally could be heard to say they wished the neighborhood bully would get his ears boxed. In those days, there was a good chance it might happen, because even churches kept boxing gloves (no mouth pieces, hand wraps or headgear) on hand as necessary equipment for the proper development of the youth. There weren’t very many bullies.

Now our vocal bullies live on, too long and too loud. In today’s world, their boastful bragging isn’t confined to the neighborhood. It’s blasted over radio, television, and texted or tweeted in an instant to impressionable youth all over the place. Kids and young people see the hoopla and glitz surrounding these motor mouths, and yearn to be like them. Today’s mothers don’t have a prayer. They struggle to be vigilant, but it’s a losing battle.

That leaves us cheering for the underdog. We want to believe that all hope isn’t lost. Good has to triumph, doesn’t it? Truth will set you free and all of that stuff. Sure, that’s it. Now you’ve got it. All is not lost. It’s alright, go ahead and amble down that second way, and exaggerate as much as you want. It’s okay, feel free to crow a little with your own version of prevarication if you want. Don’t let anyone box (pun intended) you into a nasty corner where your only choice is to answer the question “Who do you think will win?” As the Brits are fond of saying, “Bollocks”! Nobody can force you to have such a narrow sensible outlook. You’ve done it before. Don’t be shy. Take the second way and tell them “Who you want to win!” Now, let’s talk about Mayweather, Jr. vs. Canelo…..