It Was A Year Ago Today When Pacquiao Shocked Thurman

So What’s Next For Manny? It was a year ago today when all-time great Manny Pacquiao scored his big win over an undefeated Keith Thurman. The win of 365 days ago saw Pacquiao, aged 40, pull off yet another big and meaningful victory that further cemented his greatness. But since then, though we have heard plenty of names mentioned as possible foes for Pac-Man, there has been nothing signed and sealed.

Just what will prove to be Manny’s next move? Will Pacquiao, 62-7-2(39) even fight again? There has been talk of a fight with Terence Crawford, one with Mikey Garcia, a return with Thurman (Thurman wants it bad) and even talk of a fight with middleweight champ Gennady Golovkin. But that’s all it’s been: talk. Let’s be clear, Pacquiao has absolutely nothing to prove and, unless he needs the money (let’s sure hope this is not the case) he has no need to fight again.

But Pacquiao is not like other fighters. The southpaw dynamo still likes taking risks, even as he closes in on his 42nd birthday. There is the danger Manny could push his luck – and though the GGG fight has been shot down, there are still those who feel Pacquiao would take the fight, that he is “crazy enough” to take the fight – and it would be awful if Pacquiao went out with a bad, painful loss.

On the other hand, maybe Pacquiao has one more great, special performance left. Crawford has said a few times that he hopes he gets the Pacquiao fight – and just imagine if it did happen, and Pac-Man won it! Already a Top-10 all-time great, Pacquiao would perhaps be looked at as one of the Top-5 finest in boxing history if he managed to pull off a win over pound-for-poud entrant Crawford.

Of course, Pacquiao’s other calling is politics. Maybe Manny will decide against fighting again, in the ring, that is, and focus all his energies on helping people, his people. Pacquiao has even been spoken of as a possible future President of the Philippines, with a run in 2022 somewhat likely. A victory there would perhaps eclipse any of Pacquiao’s ring accomplishments.

It’s up to Manny what he does next, but whatever he chooses to do, his many millions of fans and supporters will be hoping he encounters further success. It’s been said many times, but there really never will be another Manny Pacquiao.