Is Fury Vs. Wilder The Most Needless Trilogy In Heavyweight Championship History?

By James Slater - 05/28/2021 - Comments

Currently 1-0-1(1) over Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury will have it all to do again in July.

When a fan takes a look back at the great heavyweight trilogies, he or she will find that there was a genuine need, at times an all-out demand, for the third fight between the two rivals – there was a need for closure, to find out, once and for all, who was the better man. With Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder, there is no such need or demand.

In fact, who on earth, aside from Wilder and his new trainer Malik Scott, wants to see Fury Vs. Wilder III? Well, we’re getting it anyway – but who can make any case, even a minuscule one, for anything other than another Fury win?

Fury, most fans agreed, should have had his hand raised at the conclusion of the first fight he had with Wilder instead of the December 2018 fight being declared a draw. But there was no doubt in the rematch, not a single shred. Wilder was as badly manhandled by Fury as Tyrell Biggs was by Mike Tyson.

So will Fury-Wilder III taking place to assure this particular heavyweight trilogy its unique place in boxing history: that of the single most pointless one in big man history?

Ali and Frazier, of course, needed to fight a third fight, one-and-one as they were. Bowe and Holyfield, of course, there had to be a third fight. Ali-Norton, the same. Patterson and Johansson, the same again. But to repeat, not so with Fury and Wilder.

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At a time when the heavyweight division is so hot, with so many potentially great match-ups to be made – Fury-Joshua, Fury-Whyte, Fury-Ruiz – why is precious time being taken up by the needless and one-sided upcoming spectacle that will be Fury beating up Wilder again?

We now have around two months to go before we will get what will basically amount to a waste of time fight. Ask yourself this – who on earth will pay good money to see Fury beat up on Wilder again?

There is a reason the great trilogies took place and are cherished by fight fans. Unless, of course, the shock of shocks, Wilder somehow, someway, shocks the world on July 24.