Is Floyd Mayweather overlooking Logan Paul?

Yeah, I know that the Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul fight is a farce.

I also know that the 50-0 Mayweather is 43 soon to be 44 years old (4 days after the Feb. 20 fight) and I’m allergic to cats.

Typical Mayweather MO would be to post training video to his Twitter account or, this has not happened with only 4 weeks to go until fight night.

What’s also worth noting and talking about is the 50lb weight advantage, 6in height advantage, 4in reach advantage and 18 year age advantage Paul has over the former long time P4P king.

Paul is taking this bout very seriously and seems to have bad intentions in mind when he gets in the ring with Mayweather, similar to the bad intentions his brother Jake had and displayed in his November 2020 bout against ex-NBAer Nate Robinson.

Is Floyd Mayweather overlooking Logan Paul?

Having followed Mayweather since the 1996 Olympics where he earned a bronze medal, his early years in the pro ranks as Pretty Boy Floyd were stellar with victories over Manfredy, Corrales, Castillo and Arturo Gatti, which all laid the groundwork for his metamorphosis into Money Mayweather.

The Money Mayweather alter ego transformed Mayweather into the bad guy, aka the heel in professional wrestling, the guy everyone loves to hate allowing him to rake in tons of dough from those paying their hard earned money only to see him lose.

The Mayweather mantra became “you can pay to see me win, you can pay to see me lose, but you still pay.”

With this mantra in mind, Mayweather knows no one pays if the chance to see him beaten badly isn’t in the cards, MMAer Conor McGregor was the last guy to give Mayweather naysayers the hope that he would give Mayweather a terrible beating.

With all of the advantages on his side and the appearance that Mayweather isn’t training or preparing, Paul looks like the guy who will deal Mayweather a bad whooping.

Is Floyd Mayweather overlooking Logan Paul?

Floyd is no Nate Robinson, he wants you can part with your hard earned cash, in the hope to witness that whooping. Mayweather IS preparing under a veil of secrecy, I dare to say that he’s training very hard with all of those in the know sworn to secrecy. If this weren’t the case something would’ve leaked out.

Just my opinion, Floyd’s going for a twofer, he knows after whooping Logan Paul, Jake Paul will want in on the action to avenge his brother. A Floyd Mayweather vs Jake Paul fight is a much bigger fight with Mayweather haters getting another chance to see (pay) Money May get his comeuppance.