“I can knock him out” – Jermell Charlo on Canelo Alvarez

By Will Arons - 09/05/2023 - Comments

Jermell Charlo believes he’s got the power to knock out Canelo Alvarez and surprise many people in doing so on September 30th.

Charlo (35-1-1, 19 KOs) says he’s got “blinding” punches that undisputed super middleweight champion Canelo (59-2-2, 39 KOs) won’t see coming that will do damage.

Canelo has never been knocked out before, and he’s faced bigger punches than Jermell, quite a few of them, and his chin has always held up. Of course, if Charlo’s punches are “blinding” like he says they are, it’s quite possible he can catch Canelo with something he doesn’t see coming and knock him out.

This is Jermell’s big opportunity to put himself near or at the top of the pound-for-pound lists and create a lot of news fans by unseating the ‘Face’ of Boxing’ Canelo in their headliner on Showtime PPV at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Jermell says he’s been watching Canelo fight for a decade, attending his contests in Texas, and knows his style quite well. Unless Canelo can adapt and make changes for this fight, Jermell will be ready for whatever he brings.

“That’s what I’ve been doing the last few years. I’ve been thinking I was going to get on the pound-for-pound list. I think I made it one time or something like that,” said Jermell Charlo to Showtime Boxing about how he’s been excluded from the pound-for-pound lists.

Jermell sounds bitter about not being included on the pound-for-pound lists, but what perhaps has held him back is the opposition he’s faced. The 154-lb division has been a weak one, and Jermell hasn’t had the marquee names fo him to fight to get him placed on the pound-for-pound lists.

“I’ve been fighting and fighting and trying to prove a point. If that’s the fire & the ammo that I need and the energy that I need, I’m going to keep doing,” said Jermell.

“If it’s somebody like Canelo that’s at the top of the pound-for-pound, everybody else that I believe is in the pound-for-pound like heavyweights, they’re much bigger than me. I can’t get in the ring with them. That’s cool.

“If that’s my energy, I’m going to take it. If beating Canelo is going to get me there and make my mark, I don’t need the money. I’m good. Of course, I don’t fight for free, and I know my worth.

“If a fight like Canelo is paying such a nice amount of money, I’m taking it, and I’m going to be there fighting, and money won’t ever be brought up ever in this topic.

“I mean what I say, and I’m going to go prove it,” said Jermell about his belief that he can beat Canelo. “If I got to go in there and do it the way I do it, I’m going to do it.

“There are things that I watched when I was ringside a bunch of those times that I watched that he didn’t do. Maybe he made adjustments and changes too. I was there when he fought Austin Trout in San Antonio back in the day.

“I was there when he fought a lot of fights. I was always going to the Canelo fights because they were fun to go to. So now I’m one of the guys that have to face him.

“So, I put all those things together, watch a lot of film, train my a** off, and I’ll be good.

“I throw a lot of blinding shots. I throw a lot of different shots that are unique,” said Jermell when asked what Canelo will find out about him on September 30th.

“It’s different from other people and very strong, and I’ve throwing those shots for years and practicing. I think he’ll get touched by them. I think I can knock him out, yeah. I think I have the power to knock him out,” said Jermell about his belief that he can knock out Canelo.

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