Hearn Says Joshua’s KO Of Helenius Is “KO Of The Year”

By James Slater - 08/14/2023 - Comments

“If That Right Hand Lands On Wilder He’s Going To Sleep!”

Eddie Hearn is buzzing due to his star fighter’s handy work on Saturday night, this when Anthony Joshua “did his job” and knocked out late replacement foe Robert Helenius. Hearn has gone as far as to say the one-punch KO Joshua registered over Helenius in the 7th round in London is “The KO of The Year.” That might be something of a stretch, but for sure, AJ’s right hand bomb and the immediate lights out effect it had on Helenius (who had been KO’d three times before we must keep in mind) was impressive.

Now, Hearn says, Joshua wants to “roll the dice” and get it on with the biggest puncher in the heavyweight division, Deontay Wilder. And Hearn, who says Joshua, with his ‘new style’ can and will beat Wilder, says “we are ready” for the fight.

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“This is Anthony Joshua now,” Hearn said to IFL TV with regards to AJ and his calm, calculating approach compared to his younger style when he was more of an exciting KO artist, “You’re not gonna see a guy coming in, with his chin in the air, crossing his feet, taking chances against someone that shouldn’t and can’t beat him. So, for everything he’s given [the sport] just let him do his thing now, and this is how it’s gonna be. He can beat Deontay Wilder like that in our opinion. We know Wilder can punch. But if he hits him on the chin with that right hand, Wilder’s going to sleep just like Helenius.”

Many fans do see the much talked of Wilder Vs. Joshua clash as a fight that is pretty simple, or at leat its outcome is pretty simple, in that it will be a case of, ‘whoever lands first, wins.’ It promises to be genuine don’t-blink stuff, and this is why so many of us want to see it. And if/when we do see it, possibly in January of next year, we may well see a KO of The Year! Whether it’s Joshua or Wilder scoring it.

Let’s hope all the talk leads to an actual fight this time. We have, of course, seemed close to seeing a Wilder-Joshua fight before now.

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