Hearn On Dillian Whyte’s “Silence” Ahead Of Fury Fight: “There Is No Fight Yet; They’ve Got To Pay The Deposit And Send Us A Contract”

By James Slater - 02/04/2022 - Comments

Eddie Hearn, speaking with IFL TV, explained his own silence and Dillian Whyte’s silence ahead of the Tyson Fury fight. As fans know, Hearn was unable to secure the fight last Friday evening, losing the purse bids battle to Frank Warren. Since then, Hearn has had very little to say about the fight, while Whyte has all but vanished, saying nothing about the fight at all. Plenty of fans feel this is odd and speculation has mounted since, with people asking if this fight will actually happen or not?

Hearn has tried to clear things up:

“There is no fight yet; they’ve got to pay the deposit [on the $41 million bid Warren secured the fight with] and send us a contract,” Hearn said. “Once that contract is signed and everything’s agreed, on we go. So there’s no conspiracy here, we’re just going through the process. I don’t believe…… in my heart of hearts, I don’t know whether Tyson Fury takes this fight. That’s honestly what I believe. Because all the stuff we went through around the Usyk fight – ‘he’d do this, he’d do that.’ You see one thing, but behind the scenes….. I think Dillian Whyte can win the fight [with Fury], let’s do it. He’s just waiting on the contract. He doesn’t believe that Tyson Fury will fight him. He don’t believe anything that they say. So I guess he’s thinking, ‘until I get a contract, until everyone’s signed, until I get a date, until the money’s paid, I don’t believe it.’ But we’ll see.”

Hearn added how Whyte very much wants the fight and that he’s “ready” and has been “training non-stop.” So this is where we are: Whyte will not be convinced the fight is a go until he gets a contract and everyone has signed. What’s the hold up, fans may ask. Good question. It’s been a week since Warren won the purse bid, so why hasn’t a written contract been sent out to Whyte by now?

All we can do on this one is wait and see what happens. As Hearn said, “we’ll see.”

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