Hearn Confirms An Offer Has Been Sent To Gervonta Davis For Conor Benn Fight

By James Slater - 02/08/2024 - Comments

Eddie Hearn has confirmed, amidst plenty of chatter, that an official offer has indeed been sent to Gervonta Davis for a fight with Conor Benn. Hearn, speaking on Matchroom’s You Tube channel, said he is “trying to make the fight.” Hearn says the fight, between “two fiery characters,” can happen in either the US or the UK.

“Tank” will be moving up to the welterweight division if this fight does happen, unless a deal is met for the fight to be fought at a catch weight, and Hearn says as great as Davis is, Benn being the bigger man will likely prove to be a significant factor in the fight and its outcome.

“Lots of talks with Gervonta Davis. Firstly, those two have been going back and forth, and I’ve spoken to Gervonta personally,” Hearn said. “He’ll be receiving an offer from us today for that fight. I think it’s a huge fight. Could happen in the UK, but we’re looking in America for that fight. You’ve got two fiery characters, Gervonta’s an outstanding fighter. He’s a super-featherweight really coming up to lightweight and boxing at super-lightweight, but he’s never boxed at welterweight. It’s a really tough fight for Conor Benn, Gervonta’s a pound-for-pound great, but I like the size advantage in that fight. It will be the first time in a couple of fights that he’ll (Benn) be fighting someone smaller than him, but he can really crack and he’s an outstanding fighter.”

Hearn is now awaiting Davis’ response to the offer. But this fight could indeed be a pretty big one, and the action, whoever you think wins, will be great if this one comes off. Benn, 23-0(14) struggled a little in his last fight, this against Peter Dobson at 150 pounds, Benn winning a decision. Davis, 29-0(27) has not boxed since he stopped Ryan Garcia in a heavily hyped fight that took place in April of last year.

If these two do get it on in April or May, who wins and how? There will no doubt be plenty of fans who feel Davis is a whole different league of fighter to Benn, but as Hearn says, that weight advantage for Benn will almost certainly prove troublesome for “Tank.” Who knows, we could see an incredibly explosive, short fight with this one.

Who do YOU think gets the win here?