Hatton stunned at seeing Pacquiao obliterated by Marquez

By Steve Mabbott: The one fighter that may have been the most shocked at seeing Manny Pacquiao taken completely apart by Juan Manuel Marquez, besides Pacquiao himself, was Ricky Hatton. Pacquiao has destroyed Hatton in 2 rounds in 2009, and dominated him throughout the short fight. But Hatton didn’t expect Marquez to knock Pacquiao out cold in the 6th round last Saturday night with his hard right hand to the head.

Hatton said on his social media site twitter “Just watched the Pacman vs. Marquez fight. What a punch, [Pacquiao] walked right onto it. Pacman was winning I thought. Still in shock.”

It must have strange for Hatton to see a fighter that beat him so easy get absolutely destroyed by Marquez in this fight. For Hatton, he took his 2nd round knockout loss to Manny Pacquiao really hard and ended up retiring for three years because of it. But Marquez showed that anyone any one can be knocked out if you hit them hard enough with the perfect shot, even Pacquiao.

Pacquiao was out cold for almost 2 minutes after getting hit with a right hand from Marquez that sailed over Pacquiao’s jab attempt. Jabbing can be dangerous if you don’t have you’re free hand up to protect your head, and in Pacquiao’s case he didn’t. He wasn’t holding his guard up and he got tagged.

In the 3rd round, Pacquiao did have his guard up when he was knocked down by a scorching right hand from Marquez. The problem here was that Marquez threw the shot from a looping angle that Pacquiao wasn’t expecting and the shot came too quickly for Pacquiao to block it. It’s a credit to Pacquiao that he was able to get up from that shot because I think Hatton himself might have been in deep trouble if that kind of shot him in while he was still in his prime.