Haney Vs. Lomachenko Needs To Happen Next!

By James Slater - 10/30/2022 - Comments

Just recently, the great sport of boxing has seen too many potentially great fights fall by the wayside, perhaps for good, this due to negotiation squabbles and the like. We saw it with Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua, then with Terence Crawford and Errol Spence, and now, the longer things drag on, we may see it with regards to a fight between Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia (although our collective fingers are still crossed for this one at the moment).

One fight that cannot be allowed to fall by the wayside, and perhaps will not do so, is a showdown between unified lightweight king Devin Haney and former ruler Vasiliy Lomachenko. Lomachenko had a tough time of things last night, this against a determined and talented Jamaine Ortiz in what was Loma’s first fight in almost a year, the fight coming as it did after the 34 year old had been actively fighting the Russian invasion in his home country of Ukraine.

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But a possibly rusty Lomachenko, 17-2(11) got the unanimous decision win, and he was then met in the middle of the ring by Haney. Lomachenko, smiling, seemed surprised at the size of Haney, asking “he is [a] lightweight!” Haney said he fully expects a better performance from Lomachenko when the two men fight. And there seems to be no doubt about both fighters wanting the fight; and this as we know is half the battle to a fight getting made.

Haney said he wants the fight, Lomachenko said he is “ready.” It seems so simple: these two great, masterful boxers get it on either early next year or at least in the first half of next year. Lomachenko did say that he needs more preparation for the fight, in the gym. Loma will be sharper next time as he will not be coming off a 10 month inactive spell.

So who wins if/when Haney, 29-0(15) and Lomachenko do get it on? It’s an absolutely fascinating fight, one that absolutely has to happen. The current 135 pound division is crammed full of talent and a number of potentially great fights are seemingly there to be made. But Haney Vs. Lomachenko, for all four belts, might just be not only the best fight that can be made at lightweight, it might be one of the top two or three best fights that can be made in boxing today at any weight.

Speed versus speed, ring IQ versus ring IQ, age versus youth, skill versus skill. This match-up has it all. Can YOU pick a winner?

Last Updated on 10/30/2022