GGG On A Third Fight With Canelo: This Fight Is Possible. Nothing Has Changed

By James Slater - 11/25/2021 - Comments

Gennady Golovkin has, as we know, been keeping a pretty low profile as of late, and he has not been at all active in the ring. GGG, who turns 40 next April, will fight again this year, in December, when he will slug it out with banger Ryota Murata in Japan. But the fight we all still want to see is Golovkin Vs. Canelo III – the final fight.

And on this subject, Golovkin has broken his silence in speaking with Sky Sports. GGG said the third fight is “still possible,” and that, “theoretically nothing has changed.” But will Triple-G agree to move up to super-middleweight for the fight, which is where superstar Canelo says it would have to take place at?

“This fight is possible,” GGG said. “Theoretically nothing has changed. There are certain questions that have been posed. They are still open, they remain unanswered. We have been discussing it but haven’t moved towards this fight for quite some time. You [Sky Sports] are interested because he beat all the UK fighters! But it is of no concern to me. We fought, I know who he is. I don’t think about him at all. I don’t want to entertain moving to a different division unless there is an offer on the table. Imagine if I moved up to 175, the number of people calling me out will increase by 30 percent!”

So, it sounds as though Golovkin is basically not that fussed about the third rumble with Canelo; he will take it if a good offer is made but he is far from obsessed about a third fight. GGG as w know is too small to be able to go up to light-heavyweight, even super-middleweight may be too big a jump for him. But what does he do next if he beats Murata (as most experts feel he will, yet we are far from certain due to GGG’s age and inactivity)?

Maybe, like the rest of us, Golovkin, 41-1-1(36) is waiting to see how he looks, and feels, in the December 29 fight. If he looks great, who knows, maybe GGG will go after that third fight with Canelo with more force. But Canelo pretty much says he has moved on from Golovkin. Maybe he has.