Gervonta Davis speaks from jailhouse: “This judge is crazy”

06/04/2023 - By Jeff Sorby - Comments

Gervonta Davis went on a rant from his jailhouse today, angry at the judge that put him behind bars for breaking his 90-day house detention.

Interestingly, Tank appeared to show no understanding of why he was made to serve the remainder of his sentence in jail.

Tank Davis, aka ‘Face of Boxing,’ trashed the judge, saying she’s “mad” because he purchased an apartment during his 90-day home detention and was staying there instead of the more humble one-bedroom apartment of his long-time trainer Calvin Ford, as she’d requested as part of his sentence.

After beginning his 90-day house arrest, the 28-year-old  Baltimore native Gervonta purchased an exquisite $3.4 million, 5,000-square-foot apartment and was reportedly staying there as well at a hotel. An apartment that size is massive. A house of that size would be huge, and you can only imagine what Tank’s new apartment is like.

“This judge is crazy, bro. She locked me up because, basically, I bought a property. I get everything in my power to listen to my lawyers for home detention. I listened to everybody, to the team,” said Gervonta Davis on Instagram live from his jailhouse.

What Tank appears to be saying is the judge was jealous that he brought property, so she put him in jail because of that.

If that’s how Tank has things twisted in his mind, someone needs to clue him in that he was supposed to be staying at his trainer Calvin Ford’s house during the full 90-day home detention, not in a swanky $3.4 million penthouse apartment. This wasn’t a vacation. It was punishment for breaking the law.

It will be interesting if Tank Davis continues to take to Instagram daily, ranting about the judge, hoping he’ll be freed before serving out the remaining two months of his jail term. At some point, Tank will need to give up because the chances of him getting out early are slim.

She’s mad that I bought a property. That’s why I’m sitting in jail,” said Tank. “She said she wanted me to be in my apartment,  a one-bedroom apartment, and I couldn’t even take that.”

Tank says he “couldn’t take” having to do his time in the one-bedroom apartment of his trainer. You got to wonder whether he’d now prefer that to spend his time in the jailhouse.

If Tank Davis were a regular person involved in a hit & run car crash involving four people being injured, would they, too, receive 90-day home detention? Tank should have seen himself as fortunate not to have been given the full 90-day term in jail.

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