Gervonta Davis reacts to Ryan Garcia victory over Francisco Fonseca


Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis noticed how Ryan ‘Kingry’ Garcia called him out last Friday night after his first round blowout win over Francisco Fonseca, and he thinks it would be a good idea for him to stay away. Indeed, Davis says Ryan “BETTER stay away” from him.

Garcia (20-0, 17 KO) won’t be looking to face the unbeaten WBA ‘regular’ lightweight champion Tank Davis (23-0, 22 KOs) until AFTER he fights Jorge Linares in July, and then Luke Campbell later this year. The Campbell fight is one that will depend on how he does in his match against Javier Fortuna.

Those two will be battling for Devin Haney’s WBC lightweight title that the World Boxing Council stripped from him after his shoulder injury.

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Tank Davis warns Ryan Garcia

“S— be too corny to me. Nah, he better stay away from me..these real FN bullets on my dead homies,” said Tank Davis on his social media site in reaction to Ryan Garcia’s win over Fonseca last Friday.

“I said nothing about that fight…all I’m saying is if Fury thinks he’s going to sit there with Wilder…you and him can take the L outta Lover,” said Tank.

Fonseca has both Garcia and Tank Davis, and he doesn’t think Ryan hits as hard as Davis. Moreover, Fonseca says Ryan would lose to Tank if/when they ever fight.

Ryan Garcia, 21, doesn’t have a lot of experience right now for him to be taking on a guy like Tank. Garcia seems to be drunk on his success against lower level contenders Fonseca and Romero Duno.

Golden Boy Promotions fed those two fringe contenders to Ryan, and his wins over them has taken his confidence to another level. Ryan’s ego unchecked at this point, and it’s scary to imagine where it’ll be if he beats Linares in July and Campbell in November or December.

When it gets to the level where Ryan is saying he can beat the likes of guys well above his weight class like Terence Crawford and Errol Spence Jr., someone will need to sit him down and have a long talk with him.

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Francisco Fonseca: Ryan Garcia hit me with a shot I didn’t see

“Ryan hit me with a punch I didn’t see then. Obviously the fight was waived off,” said Fonseca to Little Giant Boxing. “I’m not the first person this happened to. It happened to Jorge Linares and Cano. That’s boxing. One punch could change everything. It hurts me the most that it happened in the first round.

“I never imagined losing like this,” said Fonseca. “I came with the mentality to win, but I’m going to keep my head up and keep moving forward. I’m going to keep preparing myself, and move down to my weight at 130 lbs. Honestly, Ryan Garcia is a fighter with normal power,” said Fonseca.

Garcia’s knockout punch didn’t look overly powerful. It was just a case of him hitting Fonseca with a fast shot that he walked into. Fonseca threw a right hand at the same moment that Ryan threw his left hook.

When the left hit Fonseca, he wasn’t expecting it, and he was knocked unconscious by the shot. Ryan was looking to throw his left hook from the opening bell, as that’s his favorite punch.

If you look at Ryan on social media, he’s always practicing his left hook. Fonseca should have been ready to take that punch away from Ryan, because if he had, he would have given him problems. Ryan’s right hand isn’t much of a weapon. His only knockout punch in his arsenal is his left hook.

Fonseca: Ryan Garcia DOESN’T hit as hard as Tank Davis

“I’m not saying he hits harder than Tank Davis,” said Fonseca. “He hit me in the perfect place to knock me out, and the fight was over. He took advantage of the mistake I did. Yes, that’s the most important thing. I have my health. Now is the time to rest, and see what’s next.

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“We started this year with the left foot moving forward,” said Fonseca. “But I know it’s going to be better, and we’re going to give better fights. Ryan Garcia has what it takes to go far. He can be world champion. We know that Lomachenko is the king. Ryan Garcia has to beat Lomachenko to be the world champion, and that’s a bit difficult.

‘It would be a great fight. In my opinion, Tank Davis would beat Ryan Garcia. Because he’s a southpaw, and also because he’s a champion. Ryan would be the challenger. We know the confidence of a champion is superior to that of a challenger. So I would pick Tank Davis to beat Ryan Garcia,” said Fonseca.

It’s way too early to say that Garcia will be fighting Lomachenko, because he still needs to beat Linares, Campbell, Tank Davis and Devin Haney. Given how limited Ryan’s offense is, he could lose to all of those guys.

Campbell and Linares are both better technicians than Garcia, and they have more weapons to hurt their opponents. They punch hard with both hands, and have good size for the lightweight division. This could end badly for Ryan in July when he faces Linares.

It’s pretty obvious that Ryan doesn’t hit as hard as Tank Davis. He’s not that kind of a puncher. He’s just a speed guy, and he only punches hard with his left hook. It would be good for Ryan to retool his game, and try and develop his weak right hand. When he Linares, he might not be able to beat him by throwing nothing but left hooks all night.