Gervonta Davis All Bent Out Of Shape Over Floyd Mayweather-Devin Haney Training Video

Fans may have seen the recent video of Floyd Mayweather working with red-hot lightweight talent Devin Haney. “Money,” who now aims to become a great boxing trainer, is seen in the video putting the unbeaten Haney – dubbed by some “the next Floyd Mayweather” – through his paces. “You wanna be the best; I’m gonna show you how,” Floyd says to Haney at one point.

Great, right? Mayweather passing his considerable boxing knowledge on to young talent. Well, not everyone is happy about this. One man who is quite upset by what he has seen is another unbeaten wannabe superstar, Gervonta Davis. Davis, perhaps feeling a little bit betrayed by Floyd, who promotes “Tank,” has taken to social media to express his feelings. And he sure sounds pissed.

“I’ve been doing well by my lonely…..both of their ass opps (opponents) anyway,” Davis wrote. “I’m ready to fight whoever….including Floyd. That’s not trolling, them facts.”

And more came from “Tank:”

“I was gonna do camp in Vegas, but now that’s over wit!” he wrote.

So has Davis moved on from Mayweather for good, or is this merely a spat, one that will be taken care of? It does seem, though, that we have the makings of one great lower weight grudge-fight between Davis and Haney. Down the line, it seems these two will meet. Who will Floyd be training when this fight does come, though?

21-year-old Haney, 24-0(15), and the WBC lightweight champ have potential greatness written all over him. 25-year-old Davis, 23-0(22), and the WBA champ at 135 has the same look about him. When boxing gets back to normal, a fight between these two young champions could prove to be the fight of whichever year it goes down in.

Haney has looked sensational in some of his fights, “The Dream” last seeing action in November. While Davis, who has also ruled as a super-featherweight champ, did look to struggle at least a little in his previous fight, the late stoppage win over Yuriorkis Gamboa in December.

If Haney and Davis fought right now, who would you pick to win? This fight, though, deserves sufficient time for it to build into the massive fight it has the potential to be.

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