Fury: “Team Klitschko are extremely good at cheating!”

Tyson Fury: ‘I had it from good sources not to touch anything in the changing room’

“I went home dehydrated before I even touched anything. I was so frightened of being drug tested and failing the drugs test. I didn’t want to take drinks or food from anyone.”

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“I had good information from good resources not to touch anything in the changing rooms because they might try and drug you,” Fury told reporters.

“Someone tried to pass me water, and unless it was sealed and contained from my own baggage, there was no chance I would take it.”

“We know the cheats, these people are extremely good at cheating. They tried it with the gloves, and gave me the wrong gloves in the end. They weren’t the same gloves I agreed,” Fury added.

“Then they put six inches of memory foam all over the ring and there was a big argument, the fight was nearly off.”

“Then Klitschko had his bandages and wraps on before we came into the changing room. So he had to take them off.”

“They said I was 17 st 8lb when I was 18 st 4lb. At the weigh-in, Klitschko had platforms in his boots. All these little things that they thought might affect fighters in the past but it didn’t phase me one bit.”

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