Fury snaps, rips Usyk over fight collapse

03/23/2023 - By Michael Collins - Comments

Tyson Fury really lost it today, verbally lashing unified three-belt heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk over their fight negotiations collapsing this week.

Tyson looked ready for a straightjacket with the seething anger he showed during his minute-long rant.

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To be sure, the boxing world is blaming Fury for the fight with Usyk not happening, viewing it as another example of the British fighter messing up another important contest, just like he recently did with Anthony Joshua.

Interestingly, Fury put the blame solely on the shoulders of IBF/WBA/WBO Usyk for the talks falling apart, trashing him for wanting a rematch.

It’s difficult to know why Fury, with his single WBC title, views it as out of place for the three-belt IBF/WBA/WBO champion Usyk to want a rematch clause. Is Fury being obtuse deliberately?

The unbeaten WBC heavyweight champion Fury says he gave Usyk what he wanted with the rematch, yet he still didn’t take the fight, for which Tyson labeled him a “little coward.

Virtually the entire world sees it as Fury’s fault for the Usyk fight falling out, so it’s a waste of breath for him to be going beserk over the match not happening. If Fury didn’t press for the 50-50 purse split for the rematch, the fight would have happened.

Usyk’s promoter Alex Krassyuk said that Fury “refused to compromise” over the rematch split. He wanted a 50-50 split coming off a loss. Usyk wanted the split to be 70-30 for the rematch, given that he agreed to take the same split for the April 29th fight.

“Usyk, you proper little s**t bag, bug-eyed, gappy-teethed, ugly little rat,” said Tyson Fury on social media, laying into Oleksandr Usyk over their fight not happening. “You tried all week to get out of it, begging for a rematch like a little girl.

You got your rematch and didn’t even want to fight at that.  You little s**t house. Always know you was never man enough to tangle with the Gypsy King ever in your life.

“You little 14-stone coward. You rat little [blank], and your full team knows it as well, and all the lawyers have the full information. Keep running.

Fight Dubois for a couple of bucks now, and always know that you and everybody else like you could never tangle with the Gyspy King, said Fury.