Fury: Critics Can ‘Suck my B***s’

Lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, has responded to some of the scathing criticism of him in the British press with an admirable insouciance, telling his detractors in his now customary style to, ‘suck my balls.’

Fury has been under the kosh from large swathes of the wider mainstream press in the UK for the perceived offensive nature of his views on religion and sexuality in particular, though large sections of sports writers have also ludicrously attempted to play down the magnitude of his benchmark achievement in ending the championship tenure of the long-dominant Wladimir Klitschko in Dusseldorf 8 days ago.

“I’m not really interested [what critics say] to be honest,” Fury told iFLtv. “They can say what they want about me but they can’t knock my achievement can they?

“I beat the man that nobody could beat, so until someone can go in and beat him again – 23 title defences – they can suck my balls! How about that for a bit of heavyweight champion talking?,” he added with a knowing smile.

“I’m not interested [in critics] to be honest, they can do what they want to do. I am Tyson Fury, the Gyspy King, champion of the world. ‘Nuff said.”

Fury also stated he would like to keep and defend the IBF portion of the title that he took from Klitschko, despite the fact that the sanctioning body is threatening to strip it from him unless he fights their mandatory challenger, Vyacheslav ‘Czar’ Glazkov, rather than rematch Klitschko.

Speaking of the rematch, Fury questioned the need for it, yet was adamant it will go much the same way.
“He’s gonna get a bigger beating in the rematch than he did in the first fight, it wasn’t even close. Usually rematches only happen when the first fight is close and in my eyes it wasn’t a close fight.”

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