Fury could price himself out for Oleksandr Usyk fight

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury is saying that he wants big money to fight IBF/WBA/WBO champion Oleksandr Usyk if he successfully defeats Anthony Joshua in August.

The 33-year-old Fury, who is currently retired, says they’re going to need to open their checkbooks and come up with big money to get him to face Usyk (19-0, 13 KOs).

If Fury insists on wanting big money to fight Usyk, he could wind up with nothing because this isn’t a big name like Deontay Wilder or Dillian Whyte that will attract fans.

Fury has been lucky lately in taking on two popular heavyweights in Deontay and Whyte, so he’s gone along for the ride.

If Usyk beats Joshua, there’s a good chance that Fury’s request for massive money may be met with stone silence.

Fury has some fans, but his fighting style isn’t entertaining, and he’s mostly interesting outside of the ring rather than in it.

There’s a possibility that Fury’s next fight will be an exhibition match against UFC heavyweight Francis Ngannou because Tyson said he won’t be facing Joshua or Usyk next. He says his next fight will be a big one, though, and that could mean that he’ll face Ngannou in an exihition.

“He’s been absolutely destroyed mentally, physically, and emotionally,” said Tyson Fury to Frank Warren’s Promotion about Deontay Wilder.

“He’s a wreck at the moment. I’d like to see him retire… However, if he does want another good hiding, give me a call.”

“Yeah, I seen the Daily Mail, idiots are what they are, putting stuff out there that I’m in deep negotiations with my team and the Saudis and Usyk’s team.

“Frank Warren is my team. If anyone is going to be doing any sort of dealings for any fight, it would be Frank. Robert my lawyer doesn’t know anything, and I know Frank doesn’t know anything about it.

Not unless he’s got those big numbers under his sleeve and he’s going to whip them out in this interview. It’s just the Daily Mail talking s***.

Nothing as of yet. Me and Frank have something coming, which we won’t divulge in this interview, but it’s something to be really excited about. But it doesn’t involve Usyk or Joshua at this moment.

“I will make a decision about all of this. I just fought three months ago. I wouldn’t be expected to fight until October, November, or December anyway. But just because I said I’m retiring, I don’t have any mandatories coming up. I took care of two mandatory’s back to back, Wilder & Whyte. I can have two voluntaries if I want.

“No one is pushing me to do anything. I have no rushed decisions but when this middleweight [Oleksandr Usyk] knocks out this bodybuilder [Anthony Joshua] again, there’s only going to be one man in there to sort this out.

“What I would say to these people that want this fight to happen is you better have a big checkbook because to bring the big G [Gypsy King] out of retirement for active battle duty to redeem this country yet again, it’s going to cost.

“I’m a prizefighter and I do fight for prizes, but it’s going to cost if you want me to do a mission on this guy [Usyk], this middleweight.

“I’ll show you what a real heavyweight division is, and that’s going to be expensive. They’re going to have to have deep pockets before we can even talk then,” said Fury.

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