Frank Warren Rages Over Dubois – Usyk Result

By Vladimir S - 08/26/2023 - Comments

Frank Warren didn’t mince words when it came to discussing the controversial low blow issue in the Dubois Usyk fight. Speaking to Pro Boxing Fans, Warren elaborated:

“What happens at the Rules meeting? They determine what where your waist is and it’s the midpoint between your hips. Usyk had shorts on up here; he got hit on the waistband and under those circumstances, the WBA has no alternative than to order a rematch.”

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While other sports are embracing technology, boxing seems to be lagging. argument:

Warren: “Every sport has VAR, why doesn’t boxing?”

Daniel’s Pre-Knockdown Performance

Regarding Daniel’s performance before that controversial knockdown, Warren was frank:

“I think he was behind. I think he took a couple of rounds to settle down; he got his range, he got caught a few times, but we expected that. You’re fighting a Southpaw, a world-class fighter, a really great fighter as I said. We knew Usyk doesn´t like to get hit to his body. I was sitting there and I was shouting, saying, ‘Body! Body!’ And as I shouted, he caught him.”

Advocate or Agitator?

The way Frank Warren is advocating for a rematch leaves us pondering how far a promoter should go to protect their fighter. Warren made his stance clear:

” We want a rematch or there’s going to be a problem because I’m not going to stand for that. I’ve got to do the best for my fighter and protect my fighter’s interest and he won that fight.'”

Future Projections: Rematch or Risk?

Regarding future steps and the possibility of a rematch, Warren didn’t hold back:

“They’re going to have to do it. All I want is for everybody to be fair and Daniel deserves that. He deserves to be Champion but the worst case deserves a rematch. I don’t know whether they will do that, but they certainly, that’s what we will push for.”

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