Frank Warren Looking Past Jennings To Put Klitschko V Fury Together

Veteran British promoter Frank Warren has spoken to TalkSPORT in the UK today to once again signal his intent with regards to enforcing Tyson Fury’s mandatory challenge to Wladimir Klitshcko, once the giant Ukranian fights relative American novice Bryant Jennings in New York on the 25th April.

It is also a sign of Warren’s level of belief in the chance of Jennings dethroning the long time champion, a belief that is slim on the ground with regards to every day boxing fans.

Let’s for arguments sake assume that the consensus opinion is correct here, which I believe it is.

Jenning’s has a slim to none chance and I can’t really see him becoming the next Ken Norton later this month. When Wladimir then retains his WBA,WBO,IBF and IBO championships, there are only two credible options left. WBC champ Deontay Wilder (33-0,32ko) , who’s belt Wladimir would love to capture as it was not so long ago vacated by his brother Vitali upon his retirement. And WBO mandatory challenger, the colourful, and unbeaten Tyson Fury (24-0, 18ko).

Wladimir is now tied into a television deal with HBO in the United States and Wilder fights on rival network Showtime. So that can be put to bed just now.

For his next fight, Wladimir will need a high profile name and Tyson Fury is far from unknown in the States and his star is huge among UK and European boxing fans, who either love him or loathe him.

Warren said of Fury/Klitschko;

“It’s a massive, massive fight. We have been in talks with them (Klitschko) for weeks. If he comes through the Jennings fight then I believe this can be put together fairly quickly.”

Asserting the belief he has held for many years with regards to fighters he looks after, Warren began to talk about securing home advantage for Fury.

“I’m a big believer in getting the fighter a home advantage. The negotiations continue but I hope we are close and that it will be in the UK. Its definitely a football stadium event.”

Is this a sign that Wladimir, who has only boxed on British soil the once, fifteen years ago as a relative novice, is finally prepared to return as the heavyweight superstar he now is? I truly hope so. At the age of 39 years old, the goals he would like to check in life are surely dwindling?

A massive football stadium for the heavyweight championship of the world would be massive in Britain, as such fights have always been in the past. Klitschko, ever the businessman and negotiator, knows this.

If he truly believes he will beat Fury, he can move on to Deontay Wilder. Should he beat him, he can then fulfill his HBO and other contractual obligations and retire a very happy man indeed!

As a British fight fan, I will get extremely excited about this fight, however, just a few weeks ago it was reported in the British media that Warren had been to America for talks with HBO AND Showtime executives. The mention of the latter got me excited for Fury’s next contest being against Deontay Wilder. Even if it would be in America.

As much as I am a Tyson Fury fan, I think the only thing that is going to beat Wladimir Klitschko is father time. At 39 years of age, there is not too much longer to wait until he retires, but his safety first style, learned under the tutelage of legendary trainer Emanuel Steward is unbeatable in this current heavyweight clime for me. He will beat both Fury and Wilder before he retires I suspect.

Which is exactly why I think that Frank Warren should perhaps lay off enforcing Fury’s mandatory challenge for now at least, and go after Wilder FIRST as that is certainly the most winnable and even fight for Tyson Fury in my opinion. Both guys have similar experience, both have faced similar levels of opposition and both have their own individual flaws, although both have answered questions in recent fights.

If Tyson Fury wants to be a world champion, he has a better chance against Wilder. Yet Tyson Fury is not a man to do things the easy way. He is also not a man to back out of a fight. Many were shocked he signed to fight David Haye twice, and neither time it was Fury who pulled out.

That aside, Frank Warren, Tyson Fury, boxing fans the world over and even me are dismissing Bryant Jennings on April 25th and looking to see what happens next in terms of just when and where we will see Fury fight Wladimir. It’s coming. And exciting American puncher Deontay Wilder is right in the mix! If only it was Fury v Wilder I suspect we’d see even more fireworks!!! Oh well, that can get made too one day!

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