Former Welterweight King Don Curry Needs Help; As His Son Reveals Via Powerful Tweet

11/18/2021 - By James Slater - Comments

Don Curry was a superb fighter, seemingly set for true greatness. Referred to as “The next Sugar Ray Leonard,” Curry seemed unbeatable until he ran into huge underdog Lloyd Honeyghan in 1986. But before that fight, with wins over the likes of Milton McCrory, Marlon Starling, Colin Jones, and others, “The Lone Star Cobra” was boxing at its best.

Now aged 60 and long since retired, Curry is sadly in bad shape mentally. Yesterday, Curry’s son put out a powerful and somewhat disturbing tweet in which he asks for help, not only for his father but for all fighters who suffer brain issues in their retirement years.

The following tweet speaks for itself. Hopefully, the powers that be will reach out and assist with Don Curry getting the help he needs.

“Hello All, I’m speaking on behalf of my father, Donald Curry, today. A champion of the world of boxing, one of the greatest welterweights of all time. However, today I’m asking for help. Not in a monetary way, but to spread awareness hopefully find a solution for retired athletes with head trauma and symptoms of CTE. For the last three years, I’ve tried to find help for my father to possibly get a CT scan or have a mental evaluation take place, but living far away and him not being able to travel correctly have dampened that situation.

“I have not been able to figure out how to do so. My father has declined mentally since I was in high school. He now sits in jail again, where he has spent quite a bit of my childhood, teenage and adult years. I didn’t feel for him at first when I was younger because I was unaware and uneducated on CTE and mental health. I didn’t realize what was going on. I had no idea why we would sit on the phone, and he would ramble for hours. He would ask me the same question multiple times in a conversation.

“He would forget where I went to school after telling him 100s of times or forget where I live. My family members would say he would talk to himself in the bathroom for periods of time. He would randomly be aggressive to someone. Instead, some feedback I receive, or when I look at people’s comments from the internet, people say, “that’s just the way he is,” “he’s crazy.”

“I went to a pawn shop in the Dallas / Fort Worth area where a fan reached out to me because there was memorabilia and family photos that were probably sold in an auction, and the employee said, “I heard he was on drugs” It was disheartening to hear [that] knowing what truly is going on.

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“Then, for the first time in my life, I spent a weekend with him when he was inducted into the

Boxing Hall of Fame. There I could see he had trouble walking down a hallway. He would lean on a wall while walking and seemed impaired. He would need assistance with simple things and tasks. He would be confused about going to different events that we talked about before getting there.

“The last thing that broke me down was during the final day. I heard great, thoughtful speeches from [commentator] Teddy Atlas, [former champions] Julian Jackson and Buddy McGirt, and more. All of their families were there to support them. I tried to prepare a speech for my father for months, and he never wanted to really get to it. He thought he could go up to the stage and speak from his heart and talk about memories. But when he got there, all he could say was thank you, and he walked off because he was not able mentally.

“Things like this dishearten me because I know the reason why he is like this, but unfortunately, CTE & mental health is something that’s new to us all in 2021. He has more than likely broken relationships because of this disease, and I’m here to apologize on his behalf.

“The only person who continually takes him back after verbal or physical assaults or more is my Aunt. But at this point, she does not know what to do. I don’t know what to do. The last thing I could think of is to ask all his fans, supporters, friends, and former business colleagues for help before he hurts someone, someone hurts him, or he hurts himself.

“There is no infrastructure in place that I’m aware of for athletes, especially boxers, that can get the help or treatment they need for mental health and CTE. I’m asking you to tag ESPN, Top Rank, the WBA, Floyd Mayweather, Mayweather Promotions, or any higher-ups or large entities who focus on mental health to help spread awareness around this, so there can be resources for retired boxers/athletes that may have early symptoms of mental health and CTE, and they can get the help they need before its too late. Thank you.”

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  1. I was an amateur fighter in the eighties I never turn pro.i have always enjoyed the boxing science and I watched many of your fathers fight.i wish your Dad and the family the best in finding the proper medical treatment to give him a quality life.

  2. I boxed w Donald knew his family trainers .The city of Ft Worth gave him the key to the city.We can come together to help this gentleman.He was a true sportsman .I live in Ft Worth 817 437 5614.

  3. Sending love and blessings to you both your father was a breath off fresh air to the ring and an amazing boxer tcb please keep us informed off progress x

  4. Your dad was the most talented fighter I’ve ever watched in my opinion. He and Thomas Hearns are the best ever and you have my prayers and well wishes. I’m from Fort Worth and would see your father a lot he was always a decent humble man.

  5. Tho I feel bad for Don curry, ALL these guys in boxing,football, etc. These high hard contact sports enjoy the adulation,and millions they make, then as age comes and there brain and bodies turn to mush ,they wonder why, use common sense ,stay out of such sports

    • Really. He is asking for help for his Father and this is what you say. What a douchebag.

    • What a heartless, insensitive, idiotic comment. Remember this chief: mercy is given where mercy is shown. Moron..

    • Did that idiot really just post that? I’ve been involved in boxing since 1974 as a boxer, trainer, and gym owner. I’ve boxed (sparring and bouts) literally 1000s of rounds. I have a Masters Degree in Education. Stay away from aggressive sports because the turn your brain to mush? Shaddup..
      You are way over your head.

  6. I fell in love with the sport at the age of 5. It has taken me many of places. National silver gloves, Jr. O, ABF, Golden Gloves. There arent many states that I wasnt able to visit. Back in the day you knew you had arrived when You would be at a national tournament and Mrs. Brown would offer to pay your parents to purchase you and move to Detroit to train. Yes true story. Long story short I took a diffrent route later in life and thankfully fine. Growing up in the 80’s was an awesome time to be a boxing fan. Curry was the man. Loved watching him fight. Still remember the Sasoon trunks. I have since spent the last 20 years working in corrections. Please help this man find a way to get the help he needs. I work in a mental health maximum security unit. I will be scarred for life with the things I’ve seen. I tell myself and ask myself everyday. ” How did a judge find this individual mentally comp to stand trial? Hopefully the boxing world reaches out and gets the Cobra the help he needs.

  7. Blessings to Mr curry and his supporting son and family terrible tragedy to her of this situation to a great boxer to watch in my lifetime. Hopefully those in position of power and influence can assist him and others who have suffered this traject.

  8. How can I speak to Curry son?, I have a connection with the World Boxing Council that may also be able to help him, as I also am a former amateur boxer and now I am having what I believe are side effects of the Beautiful Sport, I never made it to the professional level but they were willing to help me so I’m sure they will help him!!

  9. Hi IAM a Three time World Champion and Hall of Famer I loved watching your father fight he was unbelievable I learn alot watching and studying him! IAM working with a not for profit Organization Champions 4 Hero’s we are trying to help Boxers like your father and our military men and women with traumatic Brain injuries their are so many fighters in the same condition as your father We need to help you get him help he so deserves it I will talk to the President of Champion 4 Hero’s and some how try to reach out to you! It’s so sad we got to get intouch

  10. Get ahold of Terry Norris I think he has started up a support situation for retired fighters in order to help them!

  11. To Donald Curry’s son:
    If you haven’t already done so, please reach to the Cleveland Clinic (Lou Ruvo Brain Center) here in Las Vegas, Nevada. It may take a yeoman effort to get Donald evaluated in a reasonable time frame (initial appointments are often set out for approximately 6 months) however, this brain center offers the most advanced, world class, cutting edge brain -care/evaluation/treatment – with a focus on football and combat sports athletes. I would highly suggest reaching out to Leonard Ellerbe (C.E.O. – Mayweather Promotions) and ask Leonard if his organization’s vast power and influence here in Las Vegas, might be of assistance in facilitating an expedited initial consultation for Donald (after all, he is a “hall of famer”, same as the great Floyd Mayweather, and he has contributed so much to the sport and franchise of “The sweet science”).

    I wish you, your dad and your entire family, successful discovery in your journey to find effective solutions (ASAP). No one should have to travel the path that you are on, but please know that, “you are not alone”.

    If I can be of any further assistance to you sir, please reach out to me via this reply thread.

    Respectfully, 🙏
    – Michael W.

    • I was just about t post a similar comment. I have taken part in the Ruvo studies in Las Vegas and I think I can get Donald in, too. I just need to talk to them and also see if Donald would be willing to do it.

  12. I have often wondered what became of your dad, a great student of the art of boxing, i hope and pray that he receives the help that he needs. Only wish that it was something i could do to help. Good luck my friend.

  13. I hope and pray that there will be some extensive health care provided to Combat Sports Athletes oneday as it is very serious. I myself is a retired World Champion and it has affected a lot of my friends who have difficulties in speech and movement and of course mentally. Take Care and God Bless

  14. Let’s hope and 🙏 that a solution is provided so that the”Lone Star Cobra” can lived the rest of his years in A HEALTHY AND PRODUCTIVE WAY!!!

  15. Hey Man,
    I hope that YOU are doing okay!
    I know, exactly what you are talking about. Me and Milton McCrory, was with you and your dad at the Hall of Fame together that year.
    Donald has been my friend since 1980 and it was good to see him again.
    I know, it’s also hard on the mind when you lose someone that you love.
    And, in this “Boxing Business” when you trust someone or some people, and find out at the end, that they “Stolen ALL of your MONEY” and the IRS is upon you, and there’s nothing that YOU can do!!!
    It doesn’t help the mind at all, ether.
    I do, wish my friend, Donald, Well, and a safe and happy return to just normalcy.

    KRONK Boxing Team
    Detroit, Michigan

  16. Get hold of Alex Ramos. I believe he was working on something for retired/injured boxers.

    • Sorry to say, but this I doubt.
      As a former amateur and short-term professional boxer, I asked Alex for help over 12 years ago and received no help whatsoever.
      As I’m not in too bad shape(I can write, and still get around okay) it didn’t bother me so much that I didn’t receive anything from his organization, but I never even received a return message.

  17. I lovesd your Dad as a boxer,ever since he beat ” Moochie”Starling to hit the big time.. He graciously autographed my ring record book when I approached him at the SRLeonard vs Howard fight. He was a,tremendous boxer…most people don’t know how much happens too a fighter in sparring, not just fighting. I wish your father the best. He deserves help with this.

    • Unbelievable how all these fighters out here in a disadvantage they gv they’re life up entertaining and now left out to dry then being labeled as crazy and y’all know this man took head shots to entertain y’all the boxing community should come together and petition for former boxers to get help

  18. CTE is such a cruel, unforgiving condition. Your father is proof that in some athletes, it doesn’t nessessarily take a great deal of exposure to cause it. What I remember most about Donald was that he almost never got hit with a clean punch. Easily the best defensive fighter I’ve seen. Autopsies of high school football players have also shown CTE All the Best to you and your father

  19. One of my favorite fighters. Met him years ago in Las Vegas nice guy spoke for a while. Wishing him all the best health and thoughts with him. Good luck champ

  20. Growing up in the 80’s I idolized your father as I watched almost all of his fights on regular TV. When he lost his undisputed welterweight title to Honneygun I was devastated. He is now in the fight of his life. Being a boxing fan I always hoped that this new generation of fighters like Canelo and Mayweather would lobby for some type of long term care ad well as a pension for previous superstars

  21. Reaching out to TBE would be a great choice because his uncle was having issues also so I’m sure Floyd Jr will have your back.

  22. Your dad was a great fighter but I see he is in a real fight for his life now. We have a lot of ex athletes that are mentally impaired and it’s hard to get them help. When your father came up sports was probably their only way out and then when they can no longer perform they are tossed out like garbage. Thanks for your heartfelt message, my son is struggling in a white school because he is not being taught, it’s starts when they are young and never ends. Stay strong brother and your father can still prosper.

    • As a former ametuer, and a long time student of the “sweet science”, I have witnessed grace and elegance, pugilistic enilahation, humor, wit, and an uncanny ability of the fighters, not just pros, to behave in in a way outside the ring , that makes me proud; I’ve seen even the greatest of champions bring levity to situations wherein otherwise they would lay their hands!
      These fighters, such as were mentioned in the article, all have fate coming their way, that’s the nature of the sport.
      Hopefully Mr. Curry’s son’s impassioned pleas reached the small minority that can take a proactive response,….
      If not, I do know one way to make it happen, and that’s by being proactive on my own.
      I have ideas, and I’ll bring them to fruition.
      Seconds Out.,..
      Standing 8 Count is in Order!!


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