Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul set for Feb.20th

12/06/2020 - By Albert Craine - Comments

After months of talk, it’s now official that Floyd Mayweather Jr will be facing YouTuber Logan Paul (0-1) in an exhibition on February 21 on pay-per-view.

The prices for the Mayweather vs. Paul:

  • $24.99 for early buyers
  • $39.99 once the butyrate hits one million PPV
  • $59.99 starting on December 29th
  • $69.99 beginning on February 11th

Given the huge amount of pay-per-view buys the recent old timer’s exhibition fight between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr brought in, Mayweather vs. Logan may bring in many buys from Floyd’s large fan base and Paul’s loyal YouTubers. As the saying goes, ‘Let the buyer beware.’

Anyone that purchases the Mayweather-Logan fight thinking it’s going to be a competitive match-up needs to be clued in about what this exhibition will likely wind up being.

It’ll either be a glorified sparring match like Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr or a case of Mayweather carrying Logan for nine or ten rounds before knocking him out.

Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul set for Feb.20th

Mayweather probably won’t go for an easy knockout because he knows that if he destroys Logan early, the paying fans will be upset and feel swindled.

Indeed, if the fans think this fight will have any other outcome besides Mayweather destroying Logan, they need to be better informed before purchasing it.

Will boxing fans buy Mayweather vs. Logan Paul?

Mayweather might have difficulty getting boxing fans interested in seeing him fight Logan because he’s not someone that the typical boxing fan has any interest in.

The economy in the United States isn’t steaming along for a high number of fans to plunk down $69.99 to watch Mayweather beat up on a Youtuber will no background in boxing.

By and large, boxing fans don’t want to watch Youtubers preen around on their channels while talking to their teenage followers about this and that.

For that reason, the fans that don’t buy Mayweather’s February 21st exhibition match will be Logan Paul’s followers.

Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul set for Feb.20th

Boxing fans were willing to watch Mayweather fight an MMA guy in Conor McGregor, but it’s a different story now that Floyd has picked a Youtuber. Logan isn’t a boxer. He Youtube entertainer, and it’s a celebrity type of match with no real sporting value.

Logan is 6’2″, 200 lbs, and he’s going to have a bit of a size advantage over the 5’8″ Mayweather, at the heaviest weight of his career, weight in at 151 lbs for his fight against Miguel Cotto in 2012.

Unless there’s a weight restriction for Logan, 25, he will have a considerable size advantage over Mayweather. It probably won’t matter, though, because he doesn’t know the thing about boxing, and his cardio is horrible.

Logan was gasping for breath like a big fish out of the water after one round in his loss to KSI last year in his pro debut in November 2019. KSI looked even worse, but he still could not win a decision just by being in better condition in terms of his cardio.

This the 43-year-old Mayweather’s second-career exhibition match, and every bit of a mismatch as his first exhibition against Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in 2018.

Although Mayweather has accumulated a massive fortune in boxing, he doesn’t want to stop making money in the sport.

Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul set for Feb.20th

Interestingly, Mayweather doesn’t want to take one of the top boxers in the sport because he wants to protect his health. So his focus has been hustling fights against MMA fighters with no background in boxing, who pose no threat to him.

Mayweather has done a good job of selling these types of events to the casual fans despite the fights being non-competitive.

Mayweather’s decision to select a YouTuber in Logan Paul as his next opponent is a new move, and it could be a sign that he’s not comfortable with facing MMA guys either.

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