Floyd Mayweather Says Terence Crawford Is P-4-P #1 Today; Wants To Work With Him

Look at most pound-for-pound lists, and right now, you will likely see Canelo Alvarez sitting on the top of the pile. And rightly so, Canelo has done so much, winning world titles at four weights, unifying the 168-pound division, consistently taking on the best fighters.

But Floyd Mayweather, who once ruled supreme as the pound-for-pound best himself, says Terence Crawford is the man.

Not only does “Money” feel Crawford, a three-weight champ and the current welterweight #1 (it’s up to Errol Spence to prove otherwise) is the best, he also wants to work with Crawford, “because I know what I can do to take him to that next level.” Speaking with Fight Hype, Mayweather had nothing but great things to say about the 38-0 Crawford.

“The pound-for-pound fighter right now is Terence Crawford,” Mayweather stated. “Everything about life is about time and patience. And Crawford, I just truly believe that he doesn’t have to be under my company for me to give him praise; I am not like that.

If he is ever a free agent and he would like to go to any company, I would love to work with him. Because I know what I can do to take him to that next level as he has a lot of raw talent, and he is a hell of a fighter.

Floyd Mayweather Jr, Terence Crawford boxing image / photo

There is a lot of great fighters out there, but he [Crawford] is a mutha*****, and one thing I like about him is he reminds me of a young Floyd Mayweather.

He can fight his ass off, and that’s what I like about him, but he is a lot older than I was when he started getting praise because I fought for a world title when my career began blossoming.”

It would be exciting to see Crawford work with Mayweather Promotions, to see what kind of big fights and big events Floyd and his team could organize for Crawford. As Crawford said after his big win over Shawn Porter, Bob Arum was “unable to make the Errol Spence fight.” Maybe TMT could do it? Crawford has moved on from Arum, and it will be interesting to see if “Bud” takes Floyd up on his offer.

Are Crawford’s greatest nights still ahead of him at age 34? And is Floyd right – is Crawford the pound-for-pound best in the world today?