Floyd Mayweather Released From Jail

By James Slater - 08/03/2012 - Comments

Today, boxing superstar Floyd “Money” Mayweather left the Las Vegas jail that has been his home since June. Once again a free man, expected to get back to his job as the world’s best boxer soon, it’s possible the 43-0 master will box as soon as later this year. Reports said the 35-year-old had a tough time of it during his 87-day sentence (reduced due to good behaviour), with some reports suggesting the premiere athlete was barely touching the prison food and water available to him.

Some reports said Floyd was consuming just 800 calories per day. But today, though he might have looked a little underweight (dressed in a baggy hoody as he was it’s hard to really tell), Mayweather beamed as he climbed into his awaiting Bentley. Driving himself away after saying nothing to the gathered media, Mayweather, sporting a thick goatee beard, gave a victory sign with his hand and then he was gone.

Already, barely hours after he has begun to breathe free air again, people are asking, ‘who will Floyd fight next? And ‘when will he fight next?’

Mayweather was granted the permission to fight on May 5th, so as to help the struggling Las Vegas economy, and his jail term was delayed so he could fight Miguel Cotto (in yet another Mayweather box office blockbuster). Yet if “Money” is to fight in Las Vegas again in the future, he will first need a new licence from The Nevada State Athletic Commission; so said NSAC executive Keith Kizer yesterday. Mayweather, both lives in Vegas and he has made the a virtual second home out of the rings and arenas in “Sin City,” so it is likely he will box there on his ring return (can‘t you see the tagline for the fight now: “The Return” or “The Homecoming.”) It is also likely that Mayweather will indeed be granted a new licence to fight there.

Mayweather loves fighting at home and he is hugely popular there (even if it’s amore of a love-to-hate-him thing that Floyd has got going) and, with would-be rival and fellow superstar Manny Pacquaio set to fight a TBA in Las Vegas on Nov.10th, those fans who have not given up on seeing the two Pound-for-Pound rivals settling their differences in the squared circle are hoping it will be Mayweather who Pac-Man rumbles with in November. And what a massive, massive fight that would be for Mayweather to return with.

Just three months and a week doesn’t seem in any way enough time for Mayweather to get ready for what could be the toughest fight of his career though. No, look for Pacquiao to face a Tim Bradley (in a return), a Cotto (in another rematch) or someone else in November. The Mayweather fight? That will have to wait.

But Mayweather, as big as he is, will have to face a marquee name in his comeback fight; there will be no “safe” tune-up allowed for the biggest star in boxing. My guess: Mayweather waits until spring of 2013 before he returns to the ring. That way, he and good friend/business partner 50 Cent will have had all the time they need to make sure the global takeover planned by TMT Promotions goes smoothly.