Broner – Hutchinson official FITE TV Weights

06/08/2023 - By Jeepers Isaac - Comments

A drained-looking Adrien Broner made weight on Thursday, coming in at 147 pounds while his opponent Bill Hutchinson, looked healthier,  weighing in at 145.5 lbs for their 10 round headline on FITE this Friday night at the Casino Miami in Miami, Florida.

This is a fight where it’s do-or-die for Broner. This situation is as dire as they come, with Broner in a spot where it’s game over if he loses.

He’s got to retire, and some would say he should already be out of the sport because he’s been shot for more years than this writer can remember. It’s reasonable to say that Broner has been over the hill since 2013, when he got ruined by Marcos Maidana.

Broner’s promoter Don King wants him back in the spotlight, where champions will call him out after his fight with Hutchinson. That’s a pipe dream.

That’s not going to happen because Hutchinson is too level of an opponent for Broner to get the attention needed to be seen as being back.

Even if AB knocks out the 34-year-old Hutchinson in the first round, he’s not going to get credit because this guy is an unknown that has been brought in to make Adrien look good.

Complete weights:

Adrien Broner 147 vs. Bill Hutchinson 145.5
Ahmed Elbiali 173.8 vs. Rodolfo Gomez 174
Guillermo Rigondeaux 118.8 vs. Charlie Clemente 119.4
Neslan Machado 127.8 vs. Jonathan Smith 127
Antonio Williams 133.6 vs. Braulio Rodriguez 134.8
Adlay Rodriguez 146.2 vs. Raul Garcia Jr. 146.8
Antonio Perez 145.8 vs. Nigel Fennell 146.6
Dorian Bostic 133.2 vs. Joshua Clark 134
Alex Esponda 155.4 vs. Robert Rodriguez 151.6
Brayan Leon 171.8 vs. TBA

Broner lost a ton of weight training for this camp, as he resembled a shorter version of Andy Ruiz Jr when he started getting ready many months ago. Too much rich, calorie-dense foods have changed Broner’s once lean physique into the pot-bellied guy that started his camp.

Still, if the former four division world champion Broner (34-4-1, 24 KOs) is serious about campaigning at 140, he’s going to have to trim down a lot more.

In recent years, we’ve heard about how Broner was going to come in at 140, but he would always end up at 147, meaning he couldn’t do it.

Too many years of not training and eating the wrong foods may have changed Broner’s physique to where he’ll never make 140 without being a bony skeleton.

AB certainly won’t be able to get down to his best weight class of 130, which is the only division he has any chance of ever winning a world title.

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