Hrgovic Open To A Fight With Dubois-Joyce Winner “Any Day Of The Week”

There are several exciting, young, and talented heavyweights out there right now, yet for many fans, it’s a toss-up between Filip Hrgovic and Daniel Dubois when it comes to who is the best and most promising.

Both Hrgovic and Dubious are big, athletic, and naturally talented. A fight between the two would be a huge hit with the fans – and Hrgovic’s co-promoter Nisse Sauerland has told Sky Sports that the fight could certainly happen, but that it would have to “mean something,” that the fight would have to be “for a title of some sort.”

Next up for Dubois, 15-0(14) is that long-awaited clash with fellow unbeaten British heavyweights Joe Joyce, 11-0(10) (this fight now set to take place behind closed doors), while Hrgovic will face the tough and durable Rydell Booker next.

Sauerland is reluctant to talk about the various stories surrounding the 2018 sparring sessions Hrgovic and Dubois had (with some stories saying Hrgovic “hurt” Dubois). Yet, he agrees how a Hrgovic-Dubois fight would be a good fight – if Dubois can get past Joyce.

Daniel Dubois, Filip Hrgovic, Joe Joyce, Rydell Booker - Boxing News

“I don’t really like to discuss sparring. But the way we see it? Filip is the best heavyweight in the world,” Sauerland said. “We would fight Dubois, no problem if the terms were right.

He still has to beat Joe Joyce, who is a very tough fight. But we would take the winner of Joyce versus Dubois any day of the week. I know Filip would be very keen on that fight. The conditions have to be right – for a title of some sort.

It needs to mean something. We won’t wait for a Dubois or a Joyce – we believe Filip is far past them talent-wise. They aren’t bad fighters, but they need to prove themselves against each other.”

Sauerland again stated how Hrgivoc, 11-0(9) “won’t wait too long for that kind of fight,” adding how the 28 years old Croatian has his sights on “some huge fights.”

When the current and/or former champions have either been beaten or have retired – this including Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder, and a few other guys – who will be the king of the new breed ready to take over and dominate the division? Plenty of fans feel it will be either Hrgovic or Dubois. In the not too distant future, a Hrgovic-Dubois showdown could be for pretty much all the marbles.

Both men are in their 20s, and both big guys have displayed brutal punching power to go along with their considerable skills. Right now, who is the better fighter of the two, in your opinion? If Dubois and Hrgovic fought right now, who would win? For what it’s worth, I’d lean towards Dubois.

Daniel Dubois, Filip Hrgovic, Joe Joyce, Rydell Booker - Boxing News

However, Joyce and Booker, 26-3(13), are waiting in the wings, ready (we hope) to each score a big upset. Or maybe you see Joyce as the favorite over Dubois? Interesting times for the young heavyweights.