Fans Slam “Money-Hungry” Mayweather

By Olly Campbell - 05/07/2015 - Comments

It would seem that the fall-out from last Saturday’s fight that never caught light shows little sign of abating and those frustrated at shelling out $100 dollars for a PPV have now aimed pot-shots at Floyd Mayweather – the man who earned himself $2.7 million a minute at the weekend for his efforts.

On social media a link to a story from that shows a picture of Mayweather alongside the following quote, has sparked outrage. “F*** Africa. I don’t need to help nobody but myself. How the f*** I look giving to causes? I want to spend MY money on ME. Not on feeding no damn African’s or anybody else. If you are homeless that’s YOUR problem.”

Its is misleading and sensationalist journalism at it’s very worst. Reading the “quote” and the tone it gives off one could be forgiven for thinking Mayweather is the biggest ahole walking the face of the earth. It implies the “quote” was following the fight too – when it actual fact it WASN’T.

The truth is Floyd didn’t actually say that at all either. Not EXACTLY. Its taken from an old 2013 radio interview he did for “The Kelly Mac” show in America and the 2min 11 second clip is on YouTube.

There are no expletives and the tone used is not the arrogant, brash “Money Man” talk we have grown used to. However he does make mention of Africa and giving, saying the following;

“What has Africa given to us? What has Africa come to give my children? To MY family? You know – things work two ways. We’re all talking about giving, giving, giving. That’s the problem. Everyone doing so much giving at the end of the day they might not have nothing.”

He proceeds to talk about taking care of his family and the whole thing is nowhere near as inflammatory as social media and such stories will have you believe. And while he may not be as generous with his cash as ring rival Pacquiao, Mayweather has donated thousands of dollars to charities in the past.

YouTube video

It’s another attempt to slate a man who love or loathe – has earned every penny the hard way. It is his money to do as he likes with and that’s a fact. I’m no way near a Mayweather fan but jealousy does strange things to people. There seems to be a lot surrounding Floyd, among other things!!

Watch the clip and make up your own mind..

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