George Groves Expresses Doubt Over Usyk vs Fury Showdown – Will It Really Happen?

By Vladimir S - 10/06/2023 - Comments

George Groves, a former champ, recently sat down with Grosvenor Sports, throwing a bit of shade and skepticism towards the potential Fury vs. Usyk showdown.

Groves shared, “You know, there’s no date, no press conference. Between you and me? I’m doubting this fight’s even happening!”

He continued with a chuckle, “For Fury? Maybe it’s more about flexing as the world’s best fighter right now rather than chasing a big payday and, dare I say, a possible L.”

Groves then tipped his hat to Usyk, stating, “When you talk sheer boxing skill, Usyk’s got it. He stands out and is superior to anyone else in the heavyweight division.”

George Groves: I’m uncertain about the Fury vs. Usyk fight. It might not even take place

“While Usyk-Fury has been announced, the details seem vague. There’s no set date or press event. This announcement’s timing, especially before Fury’s fight with Ngannou, raises questions.”

“It’s possible this is just a promotional tactic. Usyk has also made the announcement, suggesting some agreement. Yet, the timing feels strategic.”

Groves: Fury risks more than Usyk. He doesn’t need the unnecessary pressure before a significant paycheck

“Fury has already accomplished significant financial milestones, so being recognized as the top fighter globally might mean more to him now. Engaging in a fight with someone as talented, undefeated, and threatening as Usyk is a gamble. In comparison, Usyk has lesser at stake. Given his physical dimensions, many might argue Fury shouldn’t face a challenge, but this very perception places immense pressure on him.”

Groves: If Usyk defeats Fury, it could be due to Fury’s inadequate preparation

“Usyk has the potential to win. Given Fury’s recent fights, his prep for a January bout might be lacking. How has he trained, especially when facing an opponent he believes is beneath him?”

“Usyk’s adaptability and superior boxing technique set him apart in the heavyweight division. Despite being smaller, his skills in timing, positioning, and power are excellent. This will be a tough fight for both, but Usyk might have the edge.”

“If the verdict were to be on who would win between Usyk and Fury, my money’s on Usyk. The reason? Fury’s preparation, or the lack of it.”