Dmitry Bivol Opens Up on Canelo vs Charlo, Future Plans & More

By Vladimir S - 08/26/2023 - Comments

In an interview with Fight Hub TV, Dmitry Bivol reveals Canelo’s strategy to beat Charlo and speaks if there wil be a rematch or not.

Bivol on Charlo vs. Canelo

“I see that he [Canelo] will move forward and try to finish him [Charlo] with one-two punches. Charlo will try to keep him at a distance. But to make a good prediction, you have to watch a lot of fights, and you have to know how Charlo and Canelo are doing in training camp now… and I don’t know how they are doing”

Negotiating with Canelo: No Easy Deals

“I’m not sure what we got offered because my team didn’t talk to me about it.”

The politics of boxing. Always as tactical as the sport itself. When it comes to potential fights with stars like Canelo, one might think offers would be straightforward. Not so, according to Bivol. Backed by his team, he seems uninterested in “stupid deals,” revealing that often the fighter himself is the last to know.

Training for the Unforeseen

“We didn’t talk at all about how we will fight against Canelo in a rematch. We won’t talk until we sign the contract.”

Weight Class Decisions: Where to Move?

“For a belt, we could move down. It doesn’t matter who has this belt. If someone wants, and we have a good offer, I will do it. But I prefer to fight in my weight class.”

Should he go up? Should he go down? For Bivol, it’s not about chasing names; it’s about chasing belts. He’s open to moving down to 168, stating it’s “not a big deal” for him.

What About Moving Up?

“Of course, in my dreams, I wanna fight for both Cruiserweight, Middleweight, but in reality, I have to finish deals in my weight class.”

The allure of becoming a multi-division champion is hard to resist, but Bivol’s focus remains on mastering his current weight class before making any moves. Though he entertains the idea of one day perhaps fighting at Cruiserweight, his dreams seem to be grounded by a healthy dose of realism.

Age and the Sport: A Ticking Clock?

“Year by year, we’re getting older. Our health problems should be more carefully considered as we age. But now I know that I have much more experience, and I’m more confident now than I was when I was 25 years old.”

The Art of Recovery: More than Just Physical

“When you are 30 years old, you have to make your finishing of training…you have to do more stretching.”

The Endgame: When to Call it Quits?

“I don’t have a number of age in my head. I have some feelings inside of me.”

Retirement is a sensitive topic for any athlete, but even more so for a boxer. Bivol seems open about not having a particular age in mind for hanging up his gloves. The sense one gets is that he’ll know when the time is right, guided more by instinct than any arbitrary number.

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