Disappointing News, As Andy Ruiz’ Attorney Says “We Are Not Holding Talks With Dillian Whyte”

Despite the word that came from Fox Deportes a few days back, we will NOT be seeing a heavyweight clash between Andy Ruiz and Dillian Whyte any time soon. Reports came, now proven to have been fictional, telling us how former heavyweight champ Ruiz was “in talks” with both Whyte and Luis Ortiz.

But now, in speaking with Sky Sports, Ruiz’s attorney, David A. Garcia, some serious cold water has been poured on the possibility of a Ruiz-Whyte fight and of any talks having even taken place.

“No, we are not holding talks regarding a potential fight with Dillian Whyte,” Garcia said. “Although I believe that Andy would welcome the opportunity to fight Mr. Whyte one day.”

Would you welcome the opportunity to fight Whyte “one day?” Why not now? Why isn’t Ruiz looking to take this, a big fight, a fight where he would get the opportunity to silence a big mouth rival who has consistently insulted him and called him out? It’s not because this fight, in this sadly and painfully (for older fans especially) watered-down version of the heavyweight division, is too risky for Ruiz, is it?

Andy Ruiz Jr, Dillian Whyte boxing image / photo

As for Whyte, he doesn’t get off the hook either. Looking instead to face Jermain Franklin in his U.S re-debut, maybe in August, Whyte should be aiming higher. Okay, if Whyte and Ruiz do get it on soon enough, maybe before the end of the year, they deserve credit (and an apology from this writer) – but I bet you they will not do so.

Why not? It’s not as though this potential match-up is the stuff of dreams, too much to ask for. Both guys want a shot (or another shot in the case of Ruiz) at the world title, so why can’t they fight each other in a very real attempt to EARN it? Are heavyweights so cautious and so eagerly looking for the easiest option these days? What else are we to think?

As for Cuban dangerman Ortiz, Garcia didn’t even mention him in the Sky Sports chat. Is the 40-something (some will tell you 50-something) Ortiz also too dangerous for Ruiz and for Whyte? Is Ortiz another fighter Ruiz would “welcome the opportunity to fight one day?”

Andy Ruiz Jr, Dillian Whyte boxing image / photo

Whatever happened to the (supposedly) top heavyweights fighting each other, of laying it on the line as they prove they have what it takes to beat the champion? Whyte looks set to face Franklin, but who will Ruiz fight next?

8 thoughts on “Disappointing News, As Andy Ruiz’ Attorney Says “We Are Not Holding Talks With Dillian Whyte””

  1. Ruiz will redeem himself,he is an excellent boxer with fast hands,I would love to see this great Mexican fighter become champion again in this idiotoc racist country.

  2. I don’t see how any of these guys think they can ever be called great fighters. In the great era of heavyweights they all fought each other. They were great fighters, Ali, Foreman, Frasier, Norton, Lyle and on and on. What is the biggest fight I can get, I’ll take it. Great fighters

  3. Andy Ruiz is a young man . I can honestly say Andy Ruiz ain’t backing down from any of those guys.

    • I agree 100% Let him pick his battles! Mike Tyson never fought David Tua it would have been a great fight!

  4. Right when I think that Ruiz can’t possibly sink any lower in his effort to disappoint fight fans he digs deeper and finds a way !!

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