Dillian Whyte trying to defuse criticism over shoulder injury

By Michael Collins - 10/28/2021 - Comments

Dillian Whyte gave his side of the story in a press conference today in explaining his reasons for pulling out of his risky fight this Saturday night against Otto Wallin due to a shoulder problem.

The timing of Whyte’s injury and him immediately setting up a fight with Tyson Fury, it’s caused fans to doubt that he’s really hurt. They see it as a bogus injury excuse, as they believe that he’s dodging the risky fight with Wallin  (22-1, 14 KOs).

During the press conference, Whyte’s promoter Eddie Hearn announced that Whyte will be challenging WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury for his title in early 2022. That is to say, Whyte (28-2, 18 KOs) will NOT reschedule his fight with Otto Wallin.

Hearn confirms Whyte fighting Fury next

“As you know, he suffered an injury in training camp and he’s unable to fight. He’s medically not cleared by his doctors to fight Otto Wallin this Saturday,” said Eddie Hearn during Thursday’s press conference.

Dillian Whyte trying to defuse criticism over shoulder injury

The silver lining is the fight with Tyson Fury,”  said Hearn in making it clear that Whyte will be fighting Fury next, and won’t reschedule with Otto Wallin.  “The WBC has already confirmed that you are the mandatory challenger to Tyson Fury.

“That fight will be ordered and you will be facing him next. We know that won’t be until early next year.

“Not because of your injury but because of the timing of the mandatories and the negotiations and Fury just fighting as well. I know how disappointed you [Whyte]  are in missing out in fighting in October.

“It must be bittersweet knowing that you’re in a situation where that fight [with Fury] will happen now and you will get a shot at the world heavyweight,” said Hearn.

Whyte apologizes for pulling out

“I’m sorry I had to pull out of the fight because of the injury. This is boxing, and these things happen,” said Whyte.  “People need to put the proper respect on my name. I fought Joshua, I fought Rivas, and I’ve been trying to fight Tyson Fury a  couple of times.

“We’re big heavyweights, and I sparred some big southpaws in camp.

“People say that I pulled out because of Tyson Fury. If that was the case, I’d have pulled out four or three weeks ago when I knew the mandatory position [with the WBC] was going to be in play.

“I wanted the fight. I said why don’t they put some morphine in there and let’s have a go. I really wanted this match with Otto Wallin. I’m getting stick because of you because of the medical report,” Whyte said to Hearn.

“You know that medical report has been dealt with and sent to the British Boxing Board of Control,”  Hearn said of Whyte’s MRI results for his injured shoulder having been sent to the BBBoC.

Sending the medical report results from Whyte’s injury to the BBBofC makes sense, but it would be great if Hearn showed them to the boxing public so that they could verify the validity.