Dillian Whyte Hungry For A Shot At Tyson Fury, Says His Body Punches Would “Break Him Down”

By James Slater - 02/24/2020 - Comments

Like the rest of us, Dillian Whyte is waiting to see what heavyweight king Tyson Fury does next. Will Fury box a third fight with Deontay Wilder? Will he get it on in an absolute mega-monster super fight with Anthony Joshua? Or might Fury fight Whyte? Obviously, it is the latter Whyte is hoping for. And in speaking with Sky Sports, Whyte, the WBC number one, says he would beat Fury and the key to his victory would be his body attack.

Nicknamed “The Body Snatcher,” Whyte says he would target Fury’s body, not his head, and that he would “wear him down.”

“Fury moves his head well, but he’s got a big body,” Whyte, 27-1(18) said. “Keep targeting his body and back him up. You have to lay leather on him and hit him hard to the body. That’s where you wear him down. If you hit him to the body hard enough and consistent enough you break him down.”

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Whyte went on to say that had he been given a shot at Wilder he would have stopped him with body shots also. “Fury basically tickled him to the body,” Whyte said of the Wilder fight on Saturday, “and knocked him off his feet – imagine if I gave him a full power body punch.” But Whyte’s shot at Wilder failed to come and it’s now Fury the Brixton man is calling for. Will Whyte get his chance? Who knows? Fury is contracted to that third fight with Wilder if Wilder wants it, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Whyte, though, really does deserve a shot at a world title. Having paid his dues and earned a shot, at least twice over, Whyte is THE most deserving heavyweight contender out there when it comes to getting a shot. Fury shocked plenty of us by walking down Wilder and going to his body. Might Whyte surprise us all by taking the fight right to Fury, walking him down and attacking his body? If he does get the chance to fight Fury, Whyte might just give “The Gypsy King” a seriously tough time of things.

Meanwhile, Whyte is expected to face Alexander Povetkin next, perhaps on May 2.

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