Devin Haney Puts Out His Hit-List For After Garcia: “Me And Tank, Me And Matias, Me And Teo”

By James Slater - 03/29/2024 - Comments

It can as we know, be risky looking too far ahead in boxing, and numerous fighters over the years have found this out the hard way. But Devin Haney, who has a big and hugely publicised fight with Ryan Garcia to attend to on April 20 (if the fight actually happens as scheduled, and plenty of people remain sceptical, this due to Garcia’s continued worrying behaviour along with his odd statements), is certainly looking ahead.

Haney, 31-0(15) is convinced he will defeat his amateur rival next month, and “The Dream” has laid out his hit-list for what he wants to come after he’s dealt with “KingRy.” Speaking with Fight Hype, the unbeaten two-weight champion who currently holds the WBC belt at 140 pounds stated that he is “the guy that steps up when nobody wants to.”

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“Me and Tank [Davis], me and [Subriel] Matias, and me and Teo [Lopez],” Haney said when giving us his wish-list. “I know I’m the guy that bullies the bully. I’m the guy that steps up when nobody wants to. I’m the guy that steps in and saves the day. So, they might need me to save the day and go fight Matias.”

Haney against either of the three fighters he listed would be welcomed by we fans, no doubt about it. Of the three possible fights, Haney Vs. Matias is the most intriguing here, however. Matias, a genuine beast of a puncher, is a banger who has bowled over each man he has faced, hence why Haney is referring to him as a bully, and he may well prove to be swerved by numerous fighters. Matias is dangerous, no doubt about it.

Haney just might be the first star name (or close to it) to actually call for a piece of the 31 year old Puerto Rican who currently rules as the IBF lightweight champion and will next fight the unbeaten Liam Paro in June. If he were to take this fight, along with fights with Lopez and Tank, nothing but huge credit would be given to Haney.

First up will come (we think) that date with Garcia, but then, if all goes well for him, Haney will go about really proving his greatness with wins over the best and the brightest, and the most dangerous, at or around his natural weight. Can 25 year old Haney, if he actually gets the fights, defeat Garcia, Tank, Lopez, and Matias?

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