Deontay Wilder: Real Kings Are supposed To Fight Each Other

By James Slater - 08/03/2018 - Comments

Deontay Wilder says his upcoming fight with Tyson Fury (not yet signed, sealed and delivered, but from all indications very close to being so) is a “humiliation” for Anthony Joshua. The reigning WBC king says that “real kings are supposed to fight each other,” and that with Joshua failing to agree to face him (this is Wilder’s take on things, not Joshua’s) he now has an even bigger fight with the one against Fury.

Fans may be split over which fight is bigger: Wilder-Fury or Wilder-Joshua, but Wilder is saying his fight with the unbeaten Fury is “way bigger” than himself against Joshua.

“This is a bigger fight than the Joshua fight. This is a way bigger fight,” Wilder said as quoted by The Sun. “Just for Tyson to take this opportunity, and be able to deal in a short amount of time, it tells you about his character. He’s a true warrior. I can’t wait to share a ring with him. Fury’s undefeated and he beat the man that beat the man. A lot more people over here in America know Tyson Fury than they know Anthony Joshua. It’s easy to see this fight is way bigger than the Joshua fight. This is humiliation for Joshua’s side. They didn’t want to fight, they didn’t want to let me in the ring, they didn’t want a confrontation with me, they didn’t want to look me in the eye. So we are showing the young boy what it is to be a man, what the requirements of this job are.”

Wilder added how he hopes Joshua and his team are “taking notes on what real champions are supposed to do.” “Real kings are supposed to fight each other.”

In an ideal world, the winner of Wilder against Fury would then go on to fight Joshua (providing AJ has retained his belts in the meantime) and settle, for once and for all, who THE heavyweight champion of the world is. Maybe we will get lucky and this is in fact how things will unfold. Imagine how absolutely enormous a fight between the Wilder-Fury winner against Joshua really would be.

In the meantime, we have – on paper at least – two big heavyweight title fights to look forward to here in 2018: Wilder-Fury and Joshua-Alexander Povetkin. There is no question or debate over which is the bigger fight of these two.

Last Updated on 08/03/2018