Deontay Wilder Is Getting A Lotta Slaps

Big punching WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder – who fights the limited Eric Molina in a ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ fight for his maiden (voluntary) defence on June 20th – has spoken to to talk Klitschko – promising that should he lose to the dominant Ukrainian champion, his fans the world over have his permission to slap him round the face.

Ever good natured and enthusiastic in his interviews, Deontay is the kind of guy you can’t help but like – OUT of the ring – yet he is pretty far off the mark with his statements here regarding what will happen – if and when he eventually gets the call to fight Wladimir IN it.

Talking of the recent Bryant Jennings fight – that did surprise many in the trade by going the distance – the “Bronze Bomber said;

“I think that Klitschko is definitely showing his age now. It’s sad to say but it showed in the ring – and the ring is the judge. You know, we see what happen but I was very proud of Bryant with his performance – and even though my thoughts was with Klitschko as far as who was gonna win – my heart was with Bryant. I really wanted him to make the upset.”

“It would have meant a great deal to see another American have the remainings of the belt(s) and 2 American guys clash out for a unification bout.”

He may have to wait a while as Tyson Fury is mandatory to Wladimir and that is going to be Klitschko’s next fight – possibly in the UK – yet when probed on what would happen if it were HE and Wladimir in that ring, Deontay said of the outcome;

“We only could tell. We only will know when it happens. I will be victorious I promise you that. I promise the world that – I will be victorious. That’s how confident I am and I’m promising the world! If I fail you have – you have permission – everybody in the world – to come and slap me!”

“I can’t wait till my turn and unifying the division and I will be the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. I promise.”

Pressed on how the fight would go, to make a prediction, he said;

“I dunno man, I’m not Muhammad Ali – I can’t predict rounds and things you know? You can tell I’m not good at predicting a round due to my last fight. I said four rounds and it went f****** 12 rounds!”

“But only the future gonna tell with that fight and we not gonna rush nothing. We gonna let it happen – all things happen at the right time in my life and we gonna let that one happen, we gonna enjoy being the champion, defend it – defend my title as much as possible and we gonna go from there.”

Deontay will have to keep one eye on tomorrow’s Povetkin v Perez fight as the winner of that becomes his mandatory and very next fight. That is of course, unless Al Haymon doesn’t pay them to step aside so a softer option can fill in.

And that’s not a slight on Wilder. But re-read that last paragraph of speech.

It’s a slight on Haymon’s methods of protecting his clients I guess – or most of them anyway.

From a fan perspective I’m sad we didn’t see Tyson Fury v Deontay Wilder first before EITHER faced Wladimir – as age aside, I can’t envision either winning against Dr Steelhammer. The boxing skill and mobility of Fury give him more of a chance in my eyes – but like everyone else, I’m struggling to see how Wladimir will be dethroned.

Either way – at nigh on 40 years old and a new father – we won’t have him around for much longer – and after a Fury fight – and in say another 2 years from now – is it possible Wilder could be beating him at exactly the right time?

It’s not exactly Trevor Berbick v Muhammad Ali – but there’s still a ten year age gap and another 2 years of slow-down could mean the “Bombsquad” has the very best chance of detonating!

Time will tell, as Deontay says…..

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