Crawford Wants Spence If He Beats Garcia: “We Both Can’t Be Claiming To Be The Best”

By James Slater - 12/02/2020 - Comments

Terence Crawford has no doubt he is the best welterweight in the world today, yet to prove this to everyone, “Bud” needs to fight and defeat Errol Spence. This 147 pound match-up is one fans everywhere have wanted to see for quite some time, and Crawford, speaking on his Instagram Live stream, said he wants the fight. Crawford said there is no room for two fighters walking around calling themselves the best in the division, and he says he wants to fight Spence, “just to shut everybody up.”

However, the reigning WBO welterweight champion is not certain Spence will defeat Danny Garcia on Saturday night. Crawford has known Spence for a long time and he says that whenever Garcia has been in tough, he “always rose to the occasion.” Crawford says this Saturday night’s fight is a “50/50 fight.”

“I really want [to fight] Spence, just to shut everybody up and see what they gonna say after that,” Crawford said. “’Cause I know it’s gonna be a lot of excuses and bandwagon shifting – it’s gonna be wild. I actually got Spence [beating Garcia], but at the same time, I don’t know. I know Danny personally and I done seen him since we was little kids and he always rose to the occasion. So it’s hard to bet against him. That’s why I say it’s a 50/50 fight. It was 40/60 in Spence favor but the more I think with my head, and just think back to the Danny Garcia that I know, when he’s motivated and he feels like his back is against the wall and got something to prove, he always rose to the occasion.”

Crawford added how he “don’t got no problem with none of them,” that he likes Spence too, pointing out that “it’s just business.”

“He think he number-one, I think I’m number-one, and that’s where the friction becomes an issue,” Crawford said. “Somebody gotta be number-one.”

Indeed, so who is is number-one at welterweight – Crawford or Spence? Or Garcia? If “Swift” can score the upset and defeat Spence (who may or may not be the same fighter he was prior to that nasty car crash of last October), we might get a Crawford Vs. Garcia clash some time next year. The two might be good friends, but as “Bud” said himself, it’s business.

Does Spence get the win on Saturday night, or will Garcia make Spence wish he’d picked a whole easier fighter to come back against?