Crawford “Back In Training,” Says Spence Rematch Is Likely For December

By James Slater - 09/21/2023 - Comments

Terence Crawford Vs. Errol Spence II: for many people, it’s the rematch we do not need to see, so comprehensive was Crawford’s win back in July. The unified welterweight king will have to do it again, however, as Spence activated his rematch clause. It could be, that after the hype, excitement and fan attention the first fight generated, the return fight will prove to be a big let-down – both in terms of tickets sold and pay-per-view buys generated.

And the rematch could also turn out to be a real let-down of a fight, a most one-sided fight, even more so than the first encounter between the two then unbeaten 147 pounders. Crawford, who wants big fights with the likes of Canelo and Charlo, spoke with Travis Hartman, and “Bud” said he is “back in training,” the rematch with Spence likely for December.

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“He exercised his rematch [clause] and that’s the fight that’s supposed to happen next,” Crawford said. “We shall see how negotiations go. We supposed to fight in December, and yeah, I’m back in training.”

As to what weight the return will be fought at, Crawford says he is expecting it to be at 147, although there was some talk of Spence wanting it to be up at 154.

“Well, the contract states that either one or the other gotta notify in writing that he can no longer make the weight. If not, then the fight will be at 147,” Crawford explained. “The contract states that is has to go at ’47 since neither I nor Errol notified each other stating that we can’t make the weight.”

In truth, it will likely not matter what weight these two fight at in the sequel. Crawford was so superior to Spence in ever department back in July, it seems that even if Spence had struggled to make 147, he would not be too much better against Crawford at 154. If anything, Spence would perhaps be slower up at 154.

Again, this is pretty much a rematch nobody wants to see. And for Spence to be fighting again just five months after taking the kind of beating he took from Crawford in the summer, this cannot in any way be a good idea. Immediately after Crawford had beaten up Spence, a number of experts were strongly advising Spence to take a long break, maybe as long as a full year. Yet now, according to Crawford, the rematch will take place in December.

Can YOU possibly see a Spence revenge win? And if so, how?

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