Congratulations to Tyson Fury – Now, What Does Klitschko do?

Most boxing prognosticators picked the veteran and well-tested Wladimir Klitschko to topple the slightly taller Tyson Fury in today’s match in Germany, where the Irish-English-Gypsy man upset Klitschko for the unified heavyweight champion title of the world.

Perhaps we should have trusted our instincts.

Many scribes noted the confidence and skills of “Gypsy King” Tyson Fury, but believed Klitschko’s superior experience would carry the day for the Ukraine superstar. The problem was, Klitschko didn’t fight like a champion. He fought like a journeyman at best. Klitschko threw a total of four body punches the whole bout. That usually won’t cut it in a twelve-round championship fight at any weight class. Wladimir fought like a guy trying not to lose, not a champion placing his vintage imprimatur upon the marquee division in boxing.

When Klitschko-or any heavyweight challenger-fights like the above-described recap, Fury will beat that poor chap into submission. Bravo to Fury for backing his jabber with bottle.

Where does Klitschko go from here? Forget about a rematch unless Klitschko is willing to fight like a 29 year-old Wlad. Otherwise, Fury will beat him like a gong the second time around.

It may be time for one of the top ten heavyweights of all time to retire. Then again, “every boxer has one last great fight in him.”

What will it be, Dr. Steelhammer?