Chris Eubank On How A Golovkin-Nigel Benn Fight Would’ve Gone: GGG Would Be Walking Into Dynamite

By James Slater - 10/19/2021 - Comments

Part of a special era for British middleweights/super-middleweights in the 1990s, when both men were true superstars, Chris Eubank was today asked, as he was a guest on Talk Sport, who would have won between Nigel Benn and Gennady Golovkin and Benn against Canelo Alvarez. Eubank’s answer might come as a surprise, but not when we see who was asking Eubank the question – Conor Benn.

Nigel Benn’s son, trying to make his own mark on the sport, as is Chris Eubank Junior, asked Eubank Snr what would have happened had GGG and Canelo ran into a primed and peaking “Dark Destroyer.”

“What GGG would do, he would come for a fight – he is not looking to run. So he would be walking into dynamite,” Eubank said. “I would pick Nigel to be the winner because GGG is great, but he is nowhere near the calibre of Gerald McClellan. So when you look at Canelo also [facing Benn], that’s a 50-50 fight because he has all the skills and the obedience in learning to perfect the art. He has all of that with him, he is brilliant.”

The thought of a prime Gennady Golovkin going up against a prime Nigel Benn is enough to get a hardcore fight fan in a real lather. Simply put, there is no way this one would have been anything other than an absolute thriller – no matter who won. In fact, these two greats – yes, they are both fully deserving of the distinction – might have needed to slug it out for three fights in an effort to find out who was superior.

Eubank is right when he says McClellan was better than GGG; in fact he was right in saying that what Benn did in that fateful February night in 1995 was something that eclipses anything Golovkin has done. Benn was fighting for his career that night, for his life even. THAT version of Benn would have given ANY 168 pound fighter you care to mention sheer hell. Would Benn have beaten GGG? That’s a tough one, but Chris Eubank has given his (perhaps biased) take on it.

Agree or disagree?