Carl Froch Says Mike Tyson “Would Give Tyson Fury A Better Fight Than Francis Ngannou”

By James Slater - 10/24/2023 - Comments

As is the case with some other people, the addition of Mike Tyson to this Saturday’s heavily hyped fight between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou has intrigued Carl Froch. The former super middleweight king spoke with Best Gambling Sites, and “The Cobra” said that Tyson’s coming on board to train MMA star Ngannou has “brought more interest” to the fight dubbed “Battle of the Baddest.”

Froch went even further, stating how, in his very real opinion, “Iron Mike” would give Fury a tougher fight than the man he is training will be able to manage.

“Bringing Mike Tyson in has brought more interest to it it’s like he’s glamourised the event,” Froch said of Saturday night’s fight in Saudi Arabia. “Wherever he goes he’s like a God. He’s a f*****g mad, brilliant fighter and the ultimate fighting machine. There’s an argument to say Mike Tyson would give Tyson Fury a better fight than Francis Ngannou. He’s got all of that experience. He’s an old man, but he’d give Tyson Fury more of a fight for two or three rounds than Francis Ngannou is going to manage. The trainer has got more of a chance than Ngannou, 100 percent.”

There was some foolish talk from John Fury, father of course of the reigning (but not defending) WBC heavyweight champ of his wanting to fight Mike Tyson on Saturday’s card. Not wanting to get arrested for murder, 57 year old Tyson declined the silly and insulting “challenge.” But Froch is right, Tyson has brought some much-needed interest, we could say class, to Saturday’s event.

The former “Baddest Man on the Planet” has been trying his best to teach Ngannou enough things to see him pull off the monster upset. It won’t happen, but Ngannou’s fighting pride combined with his sheer admiration for Tyson, his fighting hero, will see him try his absolute best to pull it off. If Ngannou wins a round and goes the distance with Fury, it will be seen by many as a moral victory. This, most people strongly believe, is the best we can ask for from the former UFC heavyweight champion who will be making his pro boxing debut.

Despite the perceived one-sided nature of Saturday’s fight, big pay-per-view numbers are expected to be pulled in.

Will YOU be buying the fight on Saturday?