Canelo vs Charlo: Alvarez Opens Up to Brian Custer

By Vladimir S - 09/11/2023 - Comments

When Brian Custer’s “Last Stand” series interviews the Undisputed super middleweight champion, Canelo Alvarez, you know it’s time to sit up and listen.

Custer: Venturing into PBC: Why the Shift?

Canelo’s alliance with PBC raised eyebrows. Was this a strategy or mere coincidence?

Canelo: “Look, I’ve done a lot of things. I’ve fought with many fighters. And I think it’s the correct moment to come here and fight in PBC. We sat down with Al Haymon and talked about it. I’m happy to be working with him.”

A conscious choice, it seems. Canelo is not one to be swayed by mere impulse.

Jermell or Jermall: The Unexpected Showdown

When quizzed about his surprising decision to take on Jermell Charlo, Canelo was open yet enigmatic.

“Why Jermell? I don’t know either. But you know, I’m a fighter. I think, no matter what, I’m the smaller fighter for this weight class. But I think he’s better. He’s the better fighter than his brother because he has better fights, championship fights. He’s more confident. I think it’s a better fight for me right now.”

A hint of strategy, a dash of challenge. Classic Canelo.

The Talk after the John Ryder Bout: Canelo’s Candid Confession

Doubts have been swirling since the John Ryder fight. Is Canelo still in his prime?

“I was not able to train 100% for those fights because of my hand. But right now, I can. You see the videos. I can work with Eddie in the gym. When you don’t have those kind of training camps, you aren’t 100% confident. But now? I can hit the heavy bags hard, and that boosts my confidence.”

A Future with David Benavidez and Others

With a three-fight deal with PBC in play, the looming question: who’s next?

“He [Benavidez] is always there. I always try to do the best fights out there. If it’s good for boxing, it’s good for me.”

And on his standing as the best pound-for-pound?

“I think we all deserve being number one. You have Inoue, Crawford, Usyk. We all deserve that spot.”

The Bivol Chapter: What Went Wrong?

“He tried to make the negotiation hard. I did my best. But now, I’m focused 100% on my fight with Jermell Charlo.”

September 30th: Predictions and Promises

Facing Jermell Charlo is no walk in the park. But Canelo’s determination shines through.

“I’m going to try my best. I will. I always try, and I’m going to try every single round. Any fighter who says they don’t look for the knockout? That’s a lie.”

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