Canelo Alvarez Won’t Be Content Until He KO’s Golovkin, Ends His Career

Mexican star Canelo Alvarez has shown improved command of the English language and yesterday, both during and then after the first presser to hype up “The Trilogy,” Canelo-Golovkin III, the soon to be 32 year old needed no translator. We could see from Canelo’s body language, and from the stern, no-nonsense look on his face, that he means business.

While Gennady Golovkin was smiling throughout yesterday’s presser, insisting the fight is “nothing personal” to him, Canelo looked about as angry as we’ve seen him during his career. And Canelo says the fight “is personal.” Very much so. Canelo says the fight will end only one way: with him scoring a KO over the man he has shared the ring with over the course of 24 bitter rounds. More than that, Canelo says he will end 40 year old Golovkin’s career.

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Canelo says GGG puts on an act for the people, acting like a nice guy, when in fact, “he’s an ass***e.” After the presser, Canelo spoke some more with Fight Hub TV, and he again vowed to end GGG’s career.

“I will be [the last man he ever fights],” Canelo said. “He doesn’t say anything bad about me right now, but listen to him later, when he’s in another country, and he talks shit. He always pretends to be a nice guy in front of the people. He’s an ass***le. I don’t pretend, I am what I am. He always pretends he’s a nice guy, and he’s not. This is his last payday. I will [destroy him]. It will be very satisfying and it will make me very happy.”

Canelo is very much in seek and destroy mode already, some three months ahead of the September 17 trilogy clash. Some fans agree, this fight is going to be the Canelo show, and the younger, bigger man will indeed get the definitive stoppage win this time. But we must not forget that Canelo is coming off a loss, to Dmitry Bivol, and his own inner confidence may have been affected at least a little. It sure didn’t look that way yesterday, but things could change if and when Canelo gets hit hard by GGG.

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Sometimes in the sport, when a guy enters a fight with only one thing on his mind, this to destroy his opponent, he can suffer a defeat himself. There is such a thing as overconfidence. Canelo is not showing Golovkin the person any respect at all, that’s clear, but he should show GGG the fighter plenty of respect come fight night. But will Canelo do so?

Canelo looks angrier than ever, Golovkin looks to be the same calm and assured person he’s always been. Who’s fooling who, if anyone is doing any fooling? One thing is abundantly clear: this fight needs no phony hype. These two do not like one another, even if Golovkin says this is not a personal fight to him. Deep down, however, it might be just as personal to Triple-G as it is to Canelo. Is Canelo the only fighter here who is willing to give away his true feelings?

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