Golovkin is a two-faced person says Canelo Alvarez

Canelo Alvarez says Gennadiy Golovkin is a fake, two-faced person, who puts on a good guy act with the fans & media put in reality he’s a “bad person” and he says the DAZN staff will attest to what he’s saying about the character of GGG.

After dealing with Golovkin (42-1-1, 37 KOs) twice in their two matches in 2017 & 2018, Canelo says he didn’t want to fight him again because he didn’t like him personally.

Now, Canelo says he’s going to make sure he knocks out Golovkin in their trilogy match on September 17th and gets rid of him. This fight will close the chapter in their rivalry and there won’t be a fourth fight.

Even Golovkin admits that there won’t be a fourth fight. When asked on Friday about another encounter with Canelo, Golovkin wondered who would be willing to put it on.

To be sure, the interest in their trilogy hasn’t caught fire like the first two Canelo-Golovkin matches, and that suggests that they waited too long before fighting their third match.

It also doesn’t help that Canelo is coming off a loss to WBA light heavyweight champion Dmitry Bivol on May 7th, and the fans wanted to see a rematch between them rather than a trilogy match with Golovkin right now.

Golovkin has arguably lost a lot of the popularity that he once had due to him fighting lesser guys, and not being active as used to be in the last two years since 2020.

Earlier in his career when GGG’s popularity was soaring in the U.S, he was competing for three times per year, but he stopped doing that and he’s become the forgotten man.

“It feels good to be here and some months away from the fight everybody wanted,” said Canelo Alvarez to Fight Hub TV about his September 17th trilogy against Gennady Golovkin.

“And me coming off a loss, it’s more motivating,” Canelo said about the motivation he has to get back on the winning track after his defeat against Dmitry Bivol.

“I really want to come back better than ever, and he’s going to pay,” said Canelo about his plans for Golovkin.

“We all see when the cameras are off and he’s somewhere else, he says stuff about me and talks about me,” Canelo said about Golovkin being two-faced.

“He pretends to be a good person, but if you ask the DAZN staff or his people, they say who he is. He’s a bad guy.

“That’s what he is. The thing is, you always have to show who you are, wherever you are in front of the cameras or not. You have to be who you are and not be fake that shows one face and has another.

“I’m very confident and you will see,” said Canelo when told that Golovkin said that he’s not very confident. “I don’t need to talk a lot of things. I will just show you.

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