Canelo Alvarez and Oscar De La Hoya Nearly Come to Blows at Munguia Press Conference

By Tim Compton - 05/01/2024 - Comments

Canelo Alvarez went after his ex-promoter Oscar De La Hoya during today’s final press conference after being trashed by him while he was at the podium ahead of Canelo’s title defense of his undisputed super middleweight championship against Jaime Munguia this Saturday night on DAZN PPV.

Oscar went for the jugular at the podium, reading from a prepared speech and attacking his former Golden Boy fighter, Canelo. He said that Golden Boy had built him and then talked about his failed drug tests.

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When De La Hoya mentioned Canelo’s drug tests, the Mexican star began talking rapidly in Spanish, looking like a spitting Cobra. That didn’t stop De La Hoya from continuing to bash Canelo as he continued to read his speech as if he were reading cookbook instructions on how to roast a golden goose to a class of students.

I wish I could have put a blood pressure cuff on Canelo at that moment because he looked like he was in the 200+ range, completely apologetic, seeing red.

“Golden Boy built Canelo Alvarez, period,” said De La Hoya at the press conference. “The company you fought under for decades has always had one name and it’s mine. So put some f*** respect on it,” De La Hoya said while staring directly at Canelo, looking as serious as a heart attack.

Canelo Reacts, Heated Exchange Ensues

Alvarez continued to spit expletives at De La Hoya from his seat, The situation got tense when De La Hoya began walking back to his seat, with a self-satisfied look on his face, as if he’d done a great job of pushing Canelo’s buttons by getting some things off his chest that he’d been holding back for the last year or two.

Canelo then stood up and approached De La Hoya with a look of menace in his face. The security then intervened to keep the two apart to prevent any physical confrontation.

De La Hoya calmly walked back to his seat, straightened his clothes, and sat down with a smug look on his face. It was hilarious to watch: Canelo fuming while De La Hoya was cool as can be and happy that he’d delivered his truth bombs.

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